Our Technology

Pyramid Travel Products is a dynamic business which has grown rapidly to become a leader in Travel Health and Hygiene. Combining a consultative approach, with world leading products developed in-house, Pyramid are able to offer The Ultimate Protection from insect bites, dangerous bacteria and water borne diseases. 

We are proud of our reputation for innovation in a market that is often dominated by “traditional” approaches, and have successfully navigated a large number of products and technologies from the lab, through extensive regulatory acceptance tests, to commercial application in some of the World’s most demanding environments.

Pyramid Technology

We recognise that effective solutions are often borne from ideas which can come from out with our organisation. By working with some of the world’s leading research institutes including The University of Edinburgh, we are able to develop technologies and take them from the lab bench to the marketplace. We constantly reach out to Universities and Research Institutes, as well as individual inventors and entrepreneurs for advances in technology which match our philosophy and offer the opportunity to better serve our customers.

Insect Repellent Manufacture

Pyramid are specialists in the manufacture and regulatory support of Biocidal and Repellent products. With an on-premises staff of chemists, microbiologists and medical staff, Pyramid are well placed to offer access to the latest product formulations and comprehensive technical support to provide the best products on the market.