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What Are You Doing to Defeat Malaria?

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World Malaria Day 2014 is on 25th April. Set up by the World Health Organisation member states, it highlights the need for continued commitment for Malaria prevention. This year the theme is “Defeat Malaria” and you can get involved by sharing our info-graphic and post below, and tweeting #DefeatMalaria.

The more people that get involved, the more awareness there will be of Malaria prevention…..So get sharing. Sharing this post takes less than a minute, yet every minute in the World a child dies from this deadly disease.

10 Malaria Facts to Share

  1. Malaria is caused by Plasmodium parasites, transmitted to people through infected mosquito bites
  2. Half of the World’s population is at risk from the disease
  3. In 2012 Malaria caused an estimated 627,000 deaths
  4. Every 60 seconds a child dies from Malaria
  5. Pregnant women, young children and international travellers are most vulnerable
  6. Parasite resistance to anti-malaria drugs is a major concern
  7. It is a preventable disease
  8. Using treated mosquito nets is an effective prevention method
  9. Spraying fabrics and tents with an insecticide spray kills insects on contact
  10. Malaria rates are falling but there still 104 Malaria countries on the map


World Malaria Day Pyramid Infographic


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You can find out more about World Malaria Day 2014 by visiting the
Roll Back Malaria Twitter page.

Written by Carolyn


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