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Top 10 Travel Safety Tips

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When planning your next big adventure it is a good idea to consider your safety before you leave for the airport. What you pack could mark you out as an affluent traveller, making you a target for criminals.

Stay safe abroad with our Top 10 Tips:

  1. Always travel with insurance, covering any activities you plan to take part in
  2. Sign up to FCO travel advice alerts before you go and learn the local laws of the area you plan to visit
  3. Three months before travelling visit a doctor or travel health clinic to receive any inoculations required
  4. Pack a first aid kit – a simple way to stop wounds or injuries becoming infected
  5. Wear a money belt or travel pouch under clothes to keep money and valuables hidden
  6. Use a padlock on suitcases and luggage
  7. Do not wear expensive looking jewellery or flaunt valuables such as cameras and smartphones – don’t make yourself a target to thieves and pick pockets
  8. Don’t take anything you wouldn’t want to lose, such as irreplaceable family objects
  9. Avoid travelling alone at night and using short cuts or poorly lit streets
  10. Make a note of emergency numbers of family and friends back home, the nearest UK embassy, your hotel, and the local police.

Print this out as a check list or share it with someone else who is going travelling. 

Written by Carolyn


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