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Returning Home - Beat those Post Holiday Blues

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When you have to return home after an amazing trip it can give you the holiday blues. Here are some ideas to hold on to that holiday feeling:

  • Take a video recording of your trip highlights, great for re-living treasured memories
  • Write a diary on your travels, it will remind you of all the great experiences you have had
  • Start to plan your next trip, even if you can’t afford it, yet…
  • Make a scrapbook including snapshots of the people you met on your travels
  • Join a travel group, so you can share your adventures with like-minded people
  • If you have not protected yourself and have significant numbers of insect bites, make sure you get checked out by a doctor – to prevent serious holiday blues!
  • Bring a recipe back home, so you can enjoy the tastes and flavours of the culture you visited

These are things that have worked for us but we would love to hear your tips – you can add a comment below. 

Written by Carolyn


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