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How Do Mosquito Nets Work?

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Mosquito nets act as a physical barrier preventing mosquitoes from accessing your sleeping area. The super-fine polyester mesh netting prevents tiny insects from entering. All Pyramid mosquito nets feature 300 holes per square inch, which is nearly double the amount recommended by The World Health Organisation (WHO).

What are the benefits of a treated net?

Treated mosquito nets are much more effective at preventing Malaria than untreated nets. Previously it was said that untreated nets only provide about half of the protection of nets treated with insecticide (1). Professor Janet Hemingway from The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine recently stated on The Life Scientific radio programme: "an untreated net gives you only 10% of the protection of a treated one" (2). Our mosquito nets are treated with powerful Zi Technology, a long-lasting insecticidal treatment which combines Permethrin with a unique binding agent. Permethrin has an excellent safety record and has been used for decades. It is recommended by WHO as an insecticide for mosquito nets, deterring insects from biting through the net and reducing the number of insects in a room. Untreated nets allow mosquitoes to bite through the net, whereas mosquitoes are killed instantly on contact with a treated net.

How is Zi Technology treatment applied to the nets? Zi Technology Logo

Pyramid mosquito nets are factory-treated nets. At the manufacturing stage each mosquito net has our unique treatment incorporated into and bound around the fibres. This means that the mosquito net has a long-lasting insecticidal treatment and is ready for use immediately – so you can pack and go, no treating required.

How long will the net treatment work for?Pyr 35 Wash Logo

Zi Technology net treatment lasts up to 35 washes or 2 years, providing the best protection for extreme tropical conditions. We advise storing your mosquito net in its plastic bag and outer carry bag after use to prolong its life.

Mosquito nets can be re-treated using our Net Treatment Liquid. The water-resistant Permethrin treatment provides protection for 6 months or 4 washes.

Why take a mosquito net?

If you are travelling to a region where there is a high risk of Malaria or other insect borne diseases it is important to take a treated mosquito net. Anti-malarial tablets are not 100% effective. Every year Malaria affects half of the world’s population and causes more than 627,000 deaths (3).

There are several styles of mosquito net available and even a cot mosquito net to protect little ones. Our pop-up mosquito nets require no assembly or support, so are very easy to use. They simply pop up and can be arranged on your bed or sleeping area.

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