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78% Don’t Research Insect-borne Diseases Before they Travel!

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Many travellers are putting themselves at serious risk of contracting insect-borne diseases around the world. Are you one of the 78% of people who do not research current diseases before you travel? Always plan ahead and take insect-bite protection products with you, just as you would sunscreen. Use the Your Trip Planner for a quick check list before you go.

Further results reveal that 93% are opposed to using insect repellent with a concentration of at least 20%. However in areas at high risk of insect-borne disease, it is vital that repellents contain at least this amount to give effective protection.

Alistair Cameron, Managing Director at Pyramid Travel Products, explains how important prevention is:
“It is essential that if you are travelling to South East Asia, South America or Sub Saharan Africa you use a DEET repellent of at least 20% strength and at night sleep under a good, treated mosquito net. Together these should keep you safe”.

Also there is a lack of awareness about the many other diseases that you can catch, apart from Malaria. More than half (54%) have not heard of Dengue Fever, when the WHO (World Health Organisation) estimate that there may be as many as 50-100 million Dengue infections worldwide every year.

Insect-borne diseases are also spreading fast to the western world. Chikungunya Fever has been affecting the Caribbean and Southern States of the USA since 2013. Lindsey Lohan recently picked up the disease in Bora Bora, and there has been 24,600 confirmed cases in the Caribbean alone. Only 7% are aware of Chikungunya Fever, a startling figure considering the prevalence of the disease.  

Lyme disease is also not widely known and it can be contracted in the UK and abroad. Avril Lavigne has revealed her battle with the disease caused by infected ticks, which left her bedridden for 5 months. Insect repellent is one of the best ways to avoid avoid tick bites as well as mosquito bites.

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