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5 of the Best Tropical Islands

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Everybody loves going on holiday, but where are the best places to get away from everyone and truly relax?


A tiny island situated on the East coast of America. It consists of 138 islands, 8 of which are linked together by bridges and causeways. The islands lie in a distinct fish hook shape which is 22 miles long, and at its widest point, 2 miles.

The pink sandy beaches and the clear turquoise waters make the beaches on the island some of the best in the world. By renting a boat or by simply taking a stroll along the coast you come across some beautiful beaches which are totally empty!

Bermuda is a heaven for divers and snorkelers. With corals and dive spots from almost every beach the underwater world comes to life and is easily accessible for swimmers of most abilities.

Malaria is not a problem in Bermuda, however there has been seven suspected cases of Chikungunya and three confirmed cases. We would recommend taking Repel Sensitive insect repellent and Mosi-Off Bands, for more health information on Bermuda visit our Your Trip Planner.


The Seychelles has become well known for its natural beauty and pristine white sandy beaches. The islands are blessed with warm weather all year round, making anytime ideal to visit. For the more adventurous, island hopping is a great way to see the country, you can choose to take a day trip or space it out over a few days staying on a different island each day. Each island has an array of unique flora and fauna for you to go out and discover.

The Seychelles also gives you the opportunity to “walk with the dead”. The once, thought to be extinct, Aldabra giant tortoise, can only be seen in the wild from the islands of the Aldabra Atoll. They are one of the largest species of tortoise and can reach a length of 120cm and weigh up to 250kg.

It is recommended that you take Repel Sensitive and Repel Ultra insect repellent with you. Taking Biox Aqua water purification is also recommended for this destination. For more health information visit our Your Trip Planner. 

Seychelles Aldabra TortoiseAn Aldabra Tortoise, Seychelles


With an average temperature of 31° Celsius and up to 9 hours of sunshine a day Barbados could be your tropical paradise because of the sun alone. It has something to offer everyone, with coral reefs located almost all the way round the island, snorkelling and diving are one of the main activities. However, if you fancy staying dry while seeing the marine life, submarine tours are available from Bridgetown.

Barbados is renowned for having a great nightlife. The best bars and clubs can be found on the South Coast, while on the more luxurious West Coast, some of the best gourmet restaurants in the world can be found.

Malaria is not present in Barbados, however there are still mosquitoes and other biting insects. We recommend taking Mosi-Off Bands and Repel Sensitive insect repellent.  For more health information visit Your Trip Planner.

Barbados West Coast Restaurant                                                               A Restaurant on the West Coast overlooking the Sea, Barbados


The South Pacific island of Fiji is known for having some of the friendliest and welcoming people you will ever meet. They will help you discover the island and also experience some of the local cultures, including the drinking of kava. Kava is a drink made from the root of the yaqona bush and is known to make you feel sleepy and relaxed, regularly enjoyed by the locals.

You can also take part in a vast amount of activities on the island, including surfing. There is a large selection of places to choose from and surfing is available for all abilities with surf schools located across the country.

Dengue Fever has been reported in Fiji so taking a strong insect repellent with you such as Repel Ultra is vital. Dirty drinking water could also be a problem so we recommend taking Biox Aqua Water Purification tablets as a precaution. For more travel health advice visit our Your Trip Planner.

The Warwick Fiji FrontThe Warwick Hotel, Fiji



This post could not be complete without a mention of Bora Bora. The island has won numerous “best island in the world” awards and they can be justified by the sheer beauty of the place.

A “must do” for Bora Bora is to take a lagoon tour, you will get the chance to witness the breath-taking scenery along with the beautiful blue of the sea. Swimming with sharks is another popular activity. Black tip reef sharks swim elegantly amongst the reefs and other fish while you can safely swim amongst them.

To get the full Bora Bora experience stay in an iconic overwater bungalow. Although you will have to pay a premium, there are a number of different resorts to choose from so you can pick the perfect one for your stay.

Chikungunya Virus Infection cases were reported in October 2014 so as a precaution we would advise taking Repel Ultra and Repel Sensitive insect repellents as well as Biox Aqua Water Treatment to avoid any illness’s from dirty water. For more information on visiting Bora Bora, French Polynesia, visit our Your Trip Planner 

Bora Bora Four Seasons ResortFour Seasons Resort, Bora Bora

Taking extra precautions to stay healthy while travelling abroad is vital. A single mosquito bite can cause serious health effects and can become a real irritation for the rest of your holiday so you are best to try and avoid getting bitten in the first place by wearing insect repellents and long sleeve clothes during dusk and dawn. We also advise taking Hysan Hand Gel and other travel hygiene products with you to further reduce your chance of illness.




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