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New Trek Insect Repellents

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Our new look insect repellents offer the Ultimate protection for you and your family from biting insects. With a range of seven repellents, there is one that is perfect for you. Use our Your Trip Planner tool to find out which repellent is best for your holiday destination.

Trek is the New Name for Repel

Our new Trek insect repellent range is still developed and made by our experts and chemists right here in Scotland to provide unparalleled protection.

After gathering consumer research, we have improved our product packaging to make sure the information you are looking for is displayed clearly on pack.

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Why Are Trek Repellents the Best You Can Buy?

The science and research that goes into each one of our repellents is unmatched. Only Pyramid offers the most technically advanced insect repellents available anywhere in the UK.

All our repellents are rigorously tested in the field and are fully compliant with the latest EU Biocidal Products Regulations 528/2012 (BPR). Pyramid takes the safety of our products very seriously and continues to invest in research and development to make sure we provide you with the very best products.

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The Best Insect Repellents Are Now Even Better…..

What’s different? A number of the Trek repellents include our unique time-release technology, meaning that the repellent lasts longer from a single application, allowing you to apply once and then enjoy your day bite free!

This minimises the amount of repellent you need to apply and offers increased durability in wear, being both sweat and splash resistant. A sustained amount of repellent is released throughout the day giving you the reassurance that you need to protect you and your family from dangerous insect bites.

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Trek Ultra, Trek Sensitive and Trek Midge & Tick all include Pyramid’s advanced time-release technology, where the repellent ingredient (DEET or Saltidin®) is micro-encapsulated in a shell for slow release. 

We have been working very hard to make sure our new range of repellents are the very best you can buy. Pyramid are the only brand that uses the latest micro-encapsulation technology in our repellents, providing travellers with the Ultimate protection against insect bites, Alistair Cameron, Technical Director

Where & When Can You Buy Trek Insect Repellents?

Trek insect repellents will be introduced by our sellers from January 2016 onwards. Our Repel repellents can be purchased until then.  
Simply go to the page of the repellent you are interested in and click on the Green “Where to Buy” button to see a list of stockists for that product.

Until then, you have the chance to WIN one of these fantastic new repellents by entering our Countdown to Christmas competitions on Facebook:

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