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Pyramid Travel Products on the Radio for World Travel Week!

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As part of World Travel Week 2015, Nicola Cameron, Head of Consumer Goods at Pyramid Travel Products, was interviewed by radio stations right across the UK! World Travel Week aims to give you the best tips on how to make the most of your holidays without any stress. Nicola, along with Sean Tipton from ABTA (The Association of British Travel Agents) provided advice on how best to stay healthy and safe while abroad.

It is vital that you take insect bite protection products with you before you travel. These latest research statistics show that if you don’t think ahead, you could be caught out on holiday and be at risk of dangerous insect borne diseases:

  • Over 42% of people have been bitten by an insect or mosquito while abroad¹

  • 78% of respondents do not research current diseases that they are at risk of catching in areas they plan on travelling to²

  • If you don’t buy products before you go, you may pay for it later…
    15% had forgotten to buy travel products they needed, which they then had to buy at a higher price at the airport or abroad¹

If you missed the radio interviews live, catch up and listen to this interview for BRFM:


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