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How to Choose a Mosquito Net

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mosquito Net

How much weight are you carrying?

If you want to travel light then the Compact mosquito net is your perfect travel companion. It is the most lightweight design in the range and is the ideal camping mosquito net for backpackers.

The Wedge net is also lightweight and provides a more spacious sleeping area than the Compact net. This design is part of our Premium Mosquito Net range which incorporates extra features, including double stitching and a deep net skirt for tucking under your mattress. All our nets come complete with their own shower-proof carry bag for ease of packing. 



Where are you staying?

Indoors in a Hotel or Hostel:

The Mosinet is ideal for fast protection from mosquitoes. It's a self-supporting net and requires no hanging points. It is available in both double and single bed sizes and has adjustable struts for a snug fit.

The Bell mosquito net only requires one hanging point and has a large canopy space allowing for greater air circulation. The Wedge net can also be used indoors and is very space efficient making it ideal for an overnight stay. Its reduced volume may result in it being hotter than other larger nets available.

If you are staying for a longer period of time you may want to consider the Box net. It is the largest style of net available. This net requires multiple hanging points, usually part of a purpose built frame. The volume of the net allows for greater manoeuvrability and better air circulation allowing the net to stay cool.

Sleeping Outdoors:

Pop Up Single Green

For sleeping outdoors we recommended the Pop-Up Dome mosquito net. This net requires no hanging points allowing for a quick setup. It's also lightweight and small so will fit in most tents. The net comes with a deep net skirt and double stitching for extra security.

Another two options are the Compact net or the Wedge net. Both are lightweight and can be used with only one hanging point either inside a tent or outdoors.

How long are you staying for?

Visiting a base camp for several months? Take the Box Net which is ideal for staying in long-term accommodation and provides the largest and airiest canopy. Its larger design means that it is less suited for backpackers and short-term travel.

If you plan to visit multiple destinations and want a lightweight net for travel choose the Compact Net. This hanging net has one hanging point and can be used outdoors or indoors. Alternatively if you want instant protection for a night’s stay use the Mosinet or Pop-Up Dome.

Looking for a versatile mosquito net?

The Pop-Up Dome requires no hanging points and sets up in seconds. This self-supporting net can be used both indoors on a single bed and outdoors over a sleeping bag or camp bed. Lightweight and with its own carry bag, it won’t let you down wherever you go. The Pop-Up Dome is perfect if you are unsure whether you will be able to hang a net at your destination.

The Wedge net is another great multipurpose net as it can be hung over a bed, inside a tent or outdoors.

Travelling with a young child?

Bell Baby Cot

The Baby Bell Cot net is specifically designed to protect young children in their cot or play pen. Its spreader allows for an airy canopy that is accessible from the bottom and the deep net skirt can be tucked underneath the cot for all round protection for your young children.





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