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A Tahiti Travel Guide

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Tahiti is one of the most popular destinations for holidays around the globe. Here you can see the most beautiful lagoons and sandy beaches in the world. Hotels and resorts also offer excellent service to make sure you spend your holiday in the best imaginable way. Its lush, verdant and natural beauties will captivate you, and you will wish never to go back to your daily activities. Do have in mind that Tahitian summers are considerably more humid, while November to April is the island’s wet season. Avoid January because it is usually the rainiest month and instead enjoy a pleasant climate with warm days and cool nights.


When you start planning for your trip you will find that it can be a bit tricky. There are just too many choices. There are many excellent Tahiti hotels and you should try finding the one that is right for you, whether you are traveling with kids, a partner or friends. Staying at the famous overwater bungalows is probably the best and most unique experience for anyone who visits Tahiti for the first time. Looking at the small fish in the shallows, swimming every morning in the deep and feeling like you are on board a boat is something that everyone has to experience.

Romantic Places

Romantic Place

If you are going to Tahiti with a partner and you want to propose, there is a variety of places to choose from. Whether it is going to be a deserted beach or a sunset in a candlelit restaurant, you will have the perfect place to pop the question. However, if you hate clichés, find a special place and surprise your loved one with a late-night beach dinner or an early morning swim.

Sea Excursions

Sea Excursions


For people who like to experience an adrenaline rush from time to time and want their holiday to be packed with sporting activities, Tahiti is the right place to go. For fans of cruises, there are many programs that are becoming increasingly popular. Renting a catamaran with a skipper who can show you how to vessel the boat is the fastest way to learn the basics of sailing. Also, it is a great opportunity to visit some small islands and scuba dive in the vivid sea shallows.

Surfing Time

Surfing Time

The best time for surfing in Tahiti is during winter when the big waves come from Antarctica. You could also try bodysurfing or bodyboarding, since it will help you practice controlling a board. At the same time you can enjoy the spectacular scenery that surrounds you.

A Mountain Safari

Mountain Safari

The interior of the Island of Tahiti can be crossed on a trail that follows a large valley rich in archaeological gems and impressive waterfalls. You can camp out in the wilderness or even drive a quad, exploring the fauna of this magnificent place. If you like animals, a horseback ride into the wonderful heart of the Secret Mountain is the right way to go. Bear in mind that, when in wilderness, you have to protect yourself from insects. It is best to use a mosquito repellent to ensure that none of the dangerous ones bite you, and to protect yourself from bites at night, a mosquito net.



Everyone wants to have special memorabilia that reminds them of their travels, but nowadays it seems like all souvenirs look alike. In Negonego, a Tahitian island, you can find the most beautiful pearls and treat yourself with a unique piece of jewellery. Even if you are not a pearl fan or you think that they are a thing of the past, go and have a look how colourful they could be and maybe treat someone to a gift. 

Another interesting souvenir could be a Tifaifai, a special bed cover decorated with flower designs and local themes. These motifs reflect the Polynesian love for nature and it could be a beautiful reminder of your visit or it could serve as a beautiful present.

Finally, Tahiti is abundant with things to see and do and when you visit it once, you will surely want to come back. Islands like Bora Bora, Papeete and Raitea are known as a traveller’s paradise with a good reason. If you want a holiday like no other, leave the big crowded cities for some other time and let yourself discover the bluest lagoons you will ever see. Drink hinano beer, smell the rich vanilla and buy local clothes to get the best out of your Tahitian experience.

Whatever you decide to do while in Tahiti, make sure you don’t bring back insect bites as your only souvenir! Stay protected with mosquito repellent

This is a guest blog post by Oscar Waterworth, a travel blogger from Sydney.

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