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Top 10 Mosquito Facts

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Mosquitoes are the world’s deadliest killers, the infectious diseases they carry kill more people each year than sharks, crocodiles and lions put together.

Here are 10 facts about these deadly killers:

  1. Female mosquitoes bite, males are vegetarians. Only females have the mouth parts to suck blood from other animals.
  2. Mosquitoes are poor fliers, mostly only flying up to three miles and they stay within a few hundred yards of where they hatched.
  3. They can hibernate. Female mosquitoes can live up to six months when they hibernate.
  4. “Mosquito” stands for “small fly” in Spanish. Its name originates all the way back to the 16th century.
  5. Mosquitoes can smell your breath. They have receptors on their antennae that pick up the CO2 released into the air when we exhale.
  6. Females need the blood meals to feed their eggs, not for feeding themselves.
  7. Only two predators threaten the mosquito; dragonflies and fish. Dragonflies have been released in large numbers in some US towns to help control mosquito populations.
  8. Sir Ronald Ross discovered that mosquitoes transmit Malaria. He was the first Briton to win a Nobel Prize in 1902 following his discovery.
  9. Mosquitoes can kill caribou. Huge swarms of aggressive “skeeters” as they are known in Alaska, can kill caribou. The caribou die through asphyxiation after inhaling them.
  10. They breed in lakes and stagnant water. It is best to avoid places where there is standing water in high-risk malarial countries. 

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