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World Malaria Day 2016

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We would urge everyone to get behind World Malaria Day 2016, happening this coming Monday 25th April. The theme this year is “End Malaria for good”, and simply by sharing this post and infographic you are helping to spread the message that Malaria needs to be defeated.  

Set up by the World Health Organisation, World Malaria Day highlights the need for continued work to beat this deadly disease. Currently Malaria is a risk to nearly half of the world’s population or 3.2 billion people, and it’s one of the world’s biggest killers, contributing to about 438,000 deaths per year.

Sharing this post takes less than a minute, yet every two minutes in the world a child sadly dies from this devastating disease.

World Malaria Day 2016 Infographic by Pyramid Travel Products

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Written by Carolyn


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