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Camping Survival Guide

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We are in the middle of summer already! If you haven’t been away yet or are thinking that you deserve another mini break, why not go camping?

Camping apparently brings us closer to nature. I can tell you now, this is true, whether camping in the UK or abroad. You are literally sleeping in a tent, on the grass, surrounded by trees and stunning nature.

We have created a list of essential items to help you to have the most fabulous camping trip of your life. You will love it so much that you will be driving all of your friends crazy because you keep bringing it up in conversations at any chance you can get. 




Camping Kit list:

1. Friends: As a camping trip is usually a weekend occasion, it is okay to take your friends. Any longer, you may want to reconsider this as they may drive you mad, eventually. Friends can set up your tent, make you a cup of tea (or pour you a mug of wine) and provide free entertainment. Remember, you are the one who invited them, so they are extremely lucky to be in your company. 


2. Tent: This item provides that much needed thin layer to separate you from the moist grass full of icky insects. It is also a place where you can get ready and sleep in privacy. You don’t want a stranger seeing your morning hair! The main purpose of this item however, is to provide shelter from the rain, which may be a high possibility in Britain.

3. Sleeping Bag: This item comes in a variety of shapes and colours. The trick with this item is to purchase a sleeping bag that you have tried and tested before purchasing, to ensure that yes, you can roll it up and fit it back into its bag. This item will provide you with some extra insulation to ensure you have a wonderful night’s sleep so that you are ready for the following day’s activities.

4. Trek Midge & Tick: When camping in Britain, particularly up north, you are likely to come across a swarm of midges. These tiny but very irritable creatures can bite you and make you itch till you are left with no other option but to get up and start to do the scratch dance. To save you from this humiliation and irritation, we have created an effective Midge and Tick Repellent, containing 20% micro-encapsulated Saltidin, which gives you protection for up to 12 hours from these beasties!  

Trek Midge

5. Toiletries: Yes, the concept of roughing it is always appealing, however, there are essentials that cannot be provided by your natural surroundings. One such item includes loo roll/toilet roll/lavatory paper. You should also consider taking toothpaste as you never know who you will meet out there in the middle of nowhere and it is not appropriate to have bad breath, oh no not at all. Another toiletry essential that you should consider taking with you is our Travel Soap which you can use to wash your hair, body, dishes and clothes. You want to pack light, and this means that you can take less kitchenware and clothes.


6. Biox Aqua Tablets: Every camper needs to stay hydrated, especially in the summer. What you need to do is add one Biox Aqua tablet to one litre of water, give it a shake and leave it for approximately ten minutes. Once you have done this you are good to go. These tablets basically make the water safe to drink, as water from taps at campsites may be contaminated. 

Biox Tablets


7. Matches: No camping trip is the same without a campfire. Clearly, you will need to get some wood and twigs from the forest (or perhaps you could persuade your friends to do this for you). Then place this wood in your chosen spot for the camp fire (make sure that your camping trip is not on private land and if it is at a camping site, double check that you are allowed to make a campfire first). You will light the match and place this into the fire. This is a perfect time to crack open a beer (or two) and tell spooky stories or sing and dance round the fire with your friends also. Before you go to bed, you must stuff your face with as many toasted marshmallows as you possibly can because hey, why not. 


8. Barbecue: How else are you to cook the 60 pack of Costco Burgers? This barbie may be one that your dad has kept in the garden shed for 40 years, or it may be one that you buy from a local convenience store, do not worry, no one cares. What does matter is whether you can keep it lit and how much meat you can cook on it at the one time. Do not forget the essential kitchenware and the sauce (HP or Heinz Ketchup).

9. Camera: As this is going to be the trip of a lifetime and one where you may have a few tipples, we would recommend that you take a camera so that you not only have a better chance of remembering what you got up to on this trip, but also it allows you to share these great memories with your friends back home.

10. Bug Bite Relief Spray: For those of you who may perhaps forget to take your bottle of Trek Midge and Tick with you for this spectacular camping trip, do not panic, we are here to save the day, again. This heroic spray will immediately help to reduce the itchiness brought on by the midges through the key ingredient of soothing aloe vera. 

Bug -Bite -Relief -Aloe -Vera


We wish you well on your amazing camping trip and remember to take all of these items and follow the steps! 

Written by Kirsty


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