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There are many unique and biodiverse environments around the world that offer fantastic holiday adventures, particularly for wildlife enthusiasts. In this blog, we highlight two of our favorite places for seeing amazing wildlife.









This country is recognised world-wide for being home to some of the deadliest animals on the planet. Many tourists and student backpackers go to Australia for lengthy trips and go home without seeing one single deadly animal in the wild. But for some thrill-seekers, finding deadly animals is why they travel to ‘the land down under’.

There are countless stories about surfers being attacked by sharks, but the reality is that when you put on that wetsuit and ride the waves on that surfboard, you begin to look like one of the shark’s favourite meals; the sea lion. A tip would be to surf only at beaches that have life guards, where you can ask if the water is safe to swim in.  

You cannot go to Australia without instantly thinking about the huge crocs, and no this does not refer to those shoes you can buy. These reptiles truly are stunning prehistoric animals with immense power and that infamous bite. It is no wonder that they have survived for millions of years. 

There are of course some stunning animals in Australia that are harmless. But do not touch anything if you are in the wild, even if you are 100% sure that you know what the animal is. We are telling you this because some animals may carry diseases, and some animals can mimic each other so accurately, it is often hard to tell which is the deadly animal and which is the harmless one.

We recommend that you go to a Zoo or Wildlife Sanctuary when you are in Australia, as there will be trained handlers there that will let you pet some animals and can provide you with information about them. For instance, the kangaroo and wallaby are native to Australia and are found in Wildlife parks all over the country where you can feed them, and even take selfies with them. Although be warned, the bigger ones do have a reputable kick so don’t stand too close! 


You also need to be aware that Australia is a perfect climate for mosquitoes, so make sure you take a bottle of Trek 50 for effective protection against mosquito bites. This DEET mosquito repellent will protect you for up to 6 hours and can be used on children from 12 years and older, and adults.

If you are camping in Australia, you should consider purchasing our pop-up dome mosquito net which pops up for immediate use and has been treated with the latest Zi technology, allowing this net to last for up to 2 years or 35 washes.      


This vast continent attracts wildlife lovers from all over the world who want to see some of the most predatory and beautiful animals in the wild. There is no better way to see these animals than on an African safari.

The main benefit of being on a safari is that you will get totally immersed in the trips that you partake in to see the animals in the wild. The other attraction of going on an African Safari holiday is that in most cases, the safari package will include accommodation and all of your food for your stay. This means that you will have more time to go out with your guide and spot wildlife. You never know, you may spot some of the big cats, a herd of antelope, or even a family of meerkats.

Sunning Meerkat

Unfortunately, due to the impact of poaching and a range of ecological factors, some wildlife species in Africa are endangered. For instance, the African elephant which is the largest living terrestrial mammal in the world, has recently been classified as endangered, due to poaching and a loss of habitat. If you go on an African safari, you may see these majestic mammals and if you do, pay attention to their feeding and social behaviours, which we are sure will be a memory that will stay with you forever.  

Elephant Masai Mara

 If you are unsure of what African safari to be a part of, this article may help you.

When in Africa, we also recommend that you take a mosquito net and insect repellent. Our Trek Ultra insect repellent is great for family use as it can be used on children from the age of 2. This repellent will also protect you for up to 12 hours, from a single application.

Additionally, you cannot always assume that the accommodation at a safari will include a mosquito net, and therefore we recommend taking a mosquito net with you for your safari trip. If you are staying in accommodation such as a hotel or cabin, you may consider purchasing our Mosinet, which pops up in seconds. A key benefit of this net is that is self-supporting, meaning that it does not need to be hung from the ceiling to provide you with effective protection. It fits neatly over a bed mattress, creating a spacious canopy.  All of our mosquito nets are treated with the latest Zi technology, giving you effective protection for up to 2 years or 35 washes.

Another consideration to have for a trip to Africa should be what travel health products to take with you.  Visit the Your Trip section of our website, where you simply need to select the country that you are going to. Once you have done this, you will be provided with a recommended kit list for your trip, as well and being given additional travel health advice for the area that you are going to.  


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