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Best 3 Gap Year Travel Destinations

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Are you a hard-working student or recent graduate that needs to de-stress? Do you want to fulfil your travel dreams? Gap Year travel has become so popular and the array of options of where to go are extensive. To help make your decision of where to go easier, we have picked our top 3 gap year travel destinations, sharing with you some top insider tips.







1. New Zealand

This small country, which is often compared to Scotland, is comprised of the two main islands being The North and South Islands. No matter where you journey on each island, there will always be a new landscape that will leave you speechless. From rolling hills, to mountain glaciers and still lakes, this country has it all! 

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The South Island, Queenstown, New Zealand

We would recommend beginning your journey in Queenstown, a popular student hotspot where you can mingle with other travellers at the chic ‘Below Zero Ice Bar’, where your cocktail menu and glasses are literally made of ice! You never know, the people you meet at this bar may be able to give you tips about travelling around New Zealand or better yet, they may become your new travelling companions. If you will be working in Queenstown, it is important that you schedule in some time for yourself and get involved in fun activities! You can go mountain-biking, luging, hiking or even try the Ziptrek Ecotour which lets you enjoy the natural beauty of Queenstown from the treetops, including the infamous Remarkables, as showcased in The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

On your travels across New Zealand, you are likely to encounter the notorious sandfly which has a very bad reputation of causing bright red and painful sores. For instant cooling relief from these stinging bites, use our Bug Bite Relief spray. This spray contains naturally-occurring Aloe Vera and will even reduce the appearance of your red sores. Better still, use an effective spray insect repellent  to ward off the sandflies in the first place! 

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Bug Bite Relief

2. New York

This bustling city has everything a gap year traveller could want, Central Park, endless skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, food to feed you for a week on one plate, and shopping stores that could make you bankrupt in an hour. It is no wonder why they call it the city that never sleeps. There is so much to do, from ice skating at night next to the Rockefeller Centre at Christmas, to dining at the stunning 360° rotating restaurant, ‘The View’ where you can witness the skyscrapers lit up at night. 

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Ice Skating Rink, Rockefeller Centre, New York

You will require a Visa to enter the state of New York. There are many visa options so it is important that you pick the one most suitable for your year away. However, if you are at all unsure what one would be the most appropriate, we would recommend you contact BUNAC.  

Bed Bugs are not uncommon in New York, and the worst part is, you won’t know if they’re there until you wake up with painful sores across your body. The image below displays a small area of the body covered in bites from bed bugs. 

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Bed Bug Bites

We have manufactured a fantastic Bed Bug Guard to put over your mattress, which has been specifically designed to protect you from these crawling beasties. It has been pre-treated with the latest Zi technology which kills bed bugs on contact. To learn how to recognise if there are bed bugs lurking in your accommodation, read our ‘How to Guide’.

3. Bangkok 

Located in Thailand, Bangkok is a city so abundant with culture and religion. Here, you can visit some of the most intricately detailed temples in the world, and minutes later, see Buddhist monks on public transport. There are also lots of stunning islands you can visit at the weekends just out of Bangkok, with white sand beaches and crystal clear water. If you want an island that is tranquil, head to Koh Lanta. This island is also home to the Mu Ko Lanta National Park, an unspoilt stretch of beach with hidden caves and waterfalls.

If you like Asian cuisine, and want to eat on a budget when in Bangkok, head to the street food stalls at Victory Monument.  

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Street Food Stalls, Bangkok, Thailand

We also want to make you aware that when you are in Bangkok and travelling to other areas of Thailand, local drinking water may be contaminated. Our advice to you is to always buy bottled water from convenience stores. However, there may be no stores in some more remote areas and so, we urge you to take Biox Aqua tablets. One of our tablets will treat up to 1 litre of water, making it safe for you to drink.

We would also recommend that you take Trek 50 DEET spray, which is suitable for use in high risk areas, including Bangkok. This mosquito repellent will last for up to 6 hours from one application, providing you with effective protection for day activities. At night, use a mosquito net to keep you protected from bites. 

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Trek 50 DEET insect repellent

We wish you a fantastic gap year away, making unforgettable memories and new friends. So start saving and planning your trip now! 


Written by Kirsty


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