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A Parent’s Guide to Gap Year- Friendly Products

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Let’s be honest, the idea of your child going on a gap year away can be a difficult thought for every parent. Conflicting thoughts will be prominent in your mind, including one such as this; ‘I only want what’s best for them, but what if they don’t like it?’. What will help you to feel more relaxed about their gap year away, is if you can give them gifts to protect them from a variety of insect-borne and waterborne diseases. These fantastic travel health products are listed below:






1. Trek Ultra DEET spray:

This is our most advanced repellent yet! Containing only 30% DEET, Trek Ultra has been clinically proven to provide the same all-day protection as a repellent containing 100% DEET. This has been possible through the use of our unique micro-encapsulation technology, allowing the DEET to be released more gradually over the period of wear. This repellent spray will not only protect your teenager from mosquito-borne diseases in a range of risk areas, but it will also protect them from other biting insects. 

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2. Pop Up Dome Mosquito Net:

This net could not be better suited towards a gap year traveller. When in its outer bag, this mosquito net is very compact so it will fit neatly into any case or backpack. Once removed from its outer packaging, the Pop Up Dome will pop up in seconds for instant use. The Pop Up Dome mosquito net has been pre-treated with advanced Zi technology, to provide effective protection at night, for up to 2 years or 35 washes. This mosquito net can be used on single beds in a range of accommodation, including hotels, hostels and  also outdoors on camping trips. Alternatively, you may wish to buy your teenager the compact mosquito net, our extra-lightweight net that has one hanging point for easy use. Being on a gap year, your child will want as little weight in their bag as possible so they can bring more items home. 

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3. Biox Aqua Tablets:

Manufactured by our skilled team of chemists here in our factory in Kelso, these tablets will help to protect your teenager from a range of waterborne diseases, including Cholera, Typhoid Fever and traveller’s diarrhoea. These tablets contain chlorine dioxide, and when added to water, will kill harmful bacteria and make the water safe to drink. The pack contains 30 tablets in total, which will treat up to 30 litres of water. You may also wish to print out, or show your son/daughter our ‘How to Guide’, which provides further helpful tips to prevent them from contracting a waterborne disease. 

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4. Bed Bug Guard:

Bed bugs, the nuisance crawling insects which are too often forgot about. Invisible to the eye, they can cause painful and bright red sores across the body. Our Bed Bug Guard is a fine polyester mesh net treated with advanced Zi technology, which will kill these critters on contact. Fitting snugly over a mattress, your child will most certainly thank you for giving them this product, which will help to make their trip a more care-free one. It is available in a single or double size, and includes pillowcases.  

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5. Hysan Hand Gel:

Containing a unique formula to kill 99.99% of germs, this handy bottle is a definite travel essential. This powerful hand sanitiser will work in 30 seconds! Urge your teenager to use this before food preparation and after any outdoor activity they may participate in on their year away.

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We hope that this blog has given you insights into effective ways to help your teenager to have a much safer trip away. Most importantly, though you will miss them, on the plus side you will have less washing and ironing to do! 


Written by Kirsty


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