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Trek 100 Market Removal

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As specialist manufacturers of travel health products, Pyramid design and create products to the highest quality assurance standards to protect travellers from insect and waterborne diseases. All of our products undergo intense efficacy testing during R&D and are continually tested throughout our production processes.

Why do we do this? The assurance of health and safety for our end-consumers is at the heart of what we do at Pyramid Travel Products, and we want our end-consumers to be aware that we input significant time and effort to ensure their safety.

With this in mind, Trek 100 has been removed from our current product range in accordance with the Biocidal Products Regulations 528/2012 (BPR).


What is the BPR and How Has It Affected Us at Pyramid?

The Biocidal Products Regulations are a set of rules created by Government bodies within the EU. The BPR affects organisations who manufacture biocidal products, which ultimately protect consumers against a variety of diseases. The BPR highlights to end consumers what products are authorised in the EU, and therefore it clearly shows you what companies are following the rules.  

As part of these regulations that have come into effect, it has become necessary for all manufacturers and retailers to remove all 100% DEET insect repellents by January 2017. At Pyramid, we have stopped making Trek 100 in accordance with these rules.

How Can I Check if a Product Is Approved?

You should always review product labels on insect repellents to gain vital information on repellent application, key ingredients and age restrictions. You will find the BPR approvals on insect repellent labels. BPR approvals are displayed in the format of a BPR authorisation number which begins with the country of origin. These can be crossed checked against the database of the European Chemicals Agency or the National Authorities:

DEET Alternatives

Our Trek Ultra DEET Spray is a fantastic alternative to Trek 100. This repellent contains 30% DEET and protects you from mosquito bites for up to 12 hours from one application, the same time frame of bite prevention provided by Trek 100. Trek Ultra has been designed using our unique micro-encapsulation technology, which encases the DEET in an outer shell, releasing the repellent vapour more gradually over the period of wear. Micro-encapsulation also increases the resistance and durability of the insect repellent to sweat and splashes. Trek Ultra can be applied onto the skin of pregnant women and children aged 2 and over, making it a perfect insect repellent for all the family. For a useful guide on the correct application of our insect repellent, go to our ‘How to Guide’.   

Trek Ultra Low Res


As another alternative DEET spray, we would recommend using our powerful Trek 50 mosquito repellent. Containing 50% DEET, Trek 50 is now our maximum strength mosquito repellent and is suitable for use in high risk areas, such as South East Asia and South America. This repellent will provide you with up to 6 hours of protection and can be used on travellers or family members from the age of 12 years and over.

DEET-Free Alternatives

We also have a fantastic range of DEET-free insect repellents that our team of scientists have created.

Trek Sensitive contains 20% Saltidin® and uses micro-encapsulation technology, again providing the wearer with all day protection for up to 12 hours. Trek Sensitive is clinically proven to be as effective as insect repellents containing 50% DEET, and therefore can also be used in high risk areas.

Trek Sensitive is a family-friendly insect repellent, suitable for pregnant women and children from the age of 2+. Trek Sensitive also has unbeatable sweat and splash resistant properties, unlike any other DEET-free insect repellent available on the market. 

Trek Sensitive Rio

Our other DEET-free repellent sprays include Trek Natural and Trek Midge & Tick.

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