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Best Active Holidays

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Best Active Holidays
The alternative to the typical beach holiday is a fun action packed adventure, full of exciting activities. And the best part about it? You can stay healthy and active while being on holiday.

Here are our top picks for the best active holidays:







The Student Backpacker

One of the most visited countries for backpackers is idyllic New Zealand. It has so much to offer and often becomes a location for repeat travel. New Zealand is also famous for its Mauri culture, where you may have witnessed the traditional HAKA dance, performed by the All Blacks before a rugby match.

On the South Island you will find the popular destination of Queenstown, home to some of the most terrifying and adrenalin pumping activities on the planet. The activities range from; Mountain biking, skydiving, a range of bungee jumps- one is 134m making it the third highest in world!! It is known as the Nevis Bungee and once you get there, there is no turning back. Other Activities include the Shotover Canyon Jet (red boat), Dart River Funyak Canoe, Queenstown Hill walk, which gives you a stunning 360-degree view over Queenstown and the Luge (get to via gondola).  

Queenstown is also known for its array of bars and clubs. The Below Zero ice bar lets you look at an exciting cocktail menu, which is made of ice. We don’t want to give it all away, but this is a great spot to meet other backpackers!

On another note, unfortunately New Zealand is also home to the notorious sand fly. They often cause lumps on the skin which can become very itchy. We recommend you take a bottle of our Trek Ultra, which lasts for up to 12 hours, from just one application.


Halfway up Queenstown Hill Walk, New Zealand

Family Holiday

If you are looking for more of a family holiday this year, why not go to the Azores, which are a group of 9 islands, 360 km west off continental Portugal. The Azores is a great destination if you tend to get itchy feet and like to keep busy. You really are spoilt for choice for activities here. The islands are breathtaking, with an abundance of green plant life and stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean.

In relation to the choice of activities, there is:
• Kayaking on Sete Cidades Lake
• Mountain biking around the islands
• Whale-watching on the Atlantic Ocean- take those binoculars and camera
• Swim with dolphins- get into the water with some of the world’s most intelligent and social animals in their natural habitat 
• Tour around the volcanic area of Lake Furnas on Sao Miguel Island- might get a bit hot here so take extra water!
• Canyoning in a natural park- for those adrenalin lovers


If you are wanting a break from active activities, why not get into the car and take a drive around? Pico island has much to offer, so when you see something that takes your interest, just stop and take a look around. If you are staying on this island, you will also be able to walk to or go on a group tour to local vineyards, where you can try some of the best wine you have ever tasted!

Don’t forget, if you’re planning a family holiday, make sure to take enough insect bite protection, such as Trek Natural, for you and the kids. Trek Natural can be used for all of the family; babies from 6 months or older and provides protection for up to 10 hours, from a single application.

Activities for All

When we think of wildlife and holidays, usually Africa will come to mind. It is no wonder that Africa is a frequently talked-about holiday destination. Choosing what country in Africa to visit is also tricky. We have chosen Tanzania, located on the Eastern side of Africa, simply due to the wide array of activities that can be done here:
• Walking Safari
• Driving Safari- the most common type of safari
• Hot Air Balloon Safari- get a birds-eye view of the animals in the wildlife park, whilst also being able to compare the sizes of various herds of animals
• Diving- For certified PADI divers, and those who are uncertified, you can take courses to gain the certification while in Tanzania
• Abseiling- Take your equipment if you can, if not there will be places to hire your necessary equipment


• Kite Surfing- Ride those waves and fly into the sky (try this at sunset) 
• Maisha Mazuri Horse Riding Club

If you are planning a safari trip in Africa, remember to make sure to pack a treated mosquito net. The mosquitoes love tropical climates, and if there is stagnant water near your campsite, they will definitely be nearby; mosquitoes breed in areas of stagnant water. We have a wide range of mosquito nets, to suit your different needs, such as the Mosinet; pops up in seconds and once set up, it becomes a spacious canopy which fits nicely over a bed, with a zipper for easy access.

Obviously, Tanzania is mostly recognized for Mount Kilimanjaro. This mountain has the highest peak in Africa at 5895m, and in order to climb this beauty, you first have to sign up with an agency. If you are considering this an option, you must do a lot of research when choosing the agency as at the end of the day, they are the ones who will give you the best safety advice and provide you with the best overall experience. You can do this as a day trip, but you will not be allowed to go very far up the mountain; you will go to Mandara Hut at 2700m which takes approximately 3 hours.

Remember, when you are doing your holiday research, look at the ‘Your Trip’ section of our website to gain the latest travel health advice, as well as recommendations for travel health products, specifically suited to your trip. 



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