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Best Beach Holidays

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Best Beach Holidays 
We all dream of holidaying on a white sandy beach, water running over our toes when we walk next to the clear blue ocean. It is no wonder that when many Brits go on Holiday, they choose a destination or resort that is situated in close proximity to a beach. 


Occasionally, the beaches we go to, do not live up to our expectations and do not look anything like the pictures featured in the travel brochure. Do not worry, we have created a list of some of the best beaches in the world that we are sure will exceed your expectations.




Baia Do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, South America  
Even the name of this group of world class Islands is alluring. The main attraction of these islands is that they are un-spoilt by humans and so, they are truly natural wonders. The islands are actually protected by the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site and so, do not be surprised on arrival if you are to pay an Environmental Tax fee for your visit; approximately £65 if you are staying for a week. When you are flying over the islands, the view may look similar to that of John Hammond’s, from the helicopter in the original Jurassic Park movie.  


The crystal clear waters of these islands are also home to a broad variety of aquatic creatures. When diving, you may spot the beautiful manta ray, or a sea turtle, or perhaps even a dolphin. 




On land, the wildlife is in abundance also. Bird watchers are also known to go to these islands which are home to a wide variety of birds. In the months of March and April, there is a greater chance of some moderate rain, however the temperatures will still be approximately 25 to 30 degrees celsius. 


The beach of Baia do Sancho, has been rated as number two in the world by TripAdvisor’s ‘Traveller’s Choice Award 2016’. There are only a few hotels on the main island. The Pousada Maravilha hotel has breathtaking views over the ocean, with loungers next to the pool, where you can read your book and watch the sunset. Remember when soaking in the sun to wear a high factor sunscreen, and to have a bottle of Trek Ultra mosquito repellent to hand, which contains 30% DEET that has been micro-encapsulated to give you effective protection from mosquitoes for up to 12 hours from a single application.
This would be a perfect destination for honeymooners, couples, and nature lovers. 


Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Seychelles
Located in the Indian Ocean, this island is an extremely popular destination for couples and families who want a holiday that they will never forget. To get to this stunning beach, take a road from Côte d'Or, and there should be signs informing you of where to stop. Why have we chosen this destination? This beach is widely recognised for the granite boulders that surround the beach, and for the sand that has the consistency of soft powder. This is a perfect spot for snorkelling, with beautifully coloured coral reefs. When swimming, you will be amazed at the tropical fish and some are quite curious, so don’t panic! To get to this mesmerising beach, you have to take a trek through the forest so make sure to wear comfortable shoes, and to apply Trek Natural DEET-free insect repellent before you head out; the mosquitoes love tropical climates and dense forests. 


If you fancy a trip on a boat to go around the Island, there are various tours you can go on; including tours on a relaxing catamaran, which allows you to lie out and get a tan! If you are feeling like a few cheeky drinks or a nice meal, there is Bonbon Plume, a lovely restaurant situated on the beach where you can have a mouthwatering, traditional Creole meal.  


West Bay Beach, West Bay, Roatán Island, Honduras, Central America
This destination attracts many families, from all over the world. When you arrive at Roatán Airport, it will take a 25-minute drive to reach West Bay Beach. What a place! It is bustling with life, the sand is white and the water is so inviting. It is also home to the second largest coral reef in the world, so there will be plenty of diving and snorkelling opportunities. If you do not have a PADI Diving certification, it may be a good idea to try and get one prior to your trip. The beauty of diving is that whilst you see many aquatic creatures snorkelling, many fish only like to swim close to the bottom of the ocean, including several species of shark. 


If you stay at Paradise Beach Hotel, you will not be stuck for things to do. This is a family friendly hotel with free Wi-Fi, airport transfers, 2 outdoor pools and 3 restaurants, offering a variety of cuisines. The range of activities are endless at West Bay; with some for all the family to get involved in. These activities include; fishing, windsurfing, canoeing, golf, zip lining, hiking and parasailing. 
Parasail 2


If you have more of a relaxing holiday in mind, do not fret. There are yoga classes at West Bay, which allow you to unwind, while keeping fit, and there are spas at many of the resorts, where you can treat yourself to a luxurious massage.


Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico 
This island is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Ocean. Do not worry about cool temperatures here, there is no such thing. This island has year-round tropical temperatures of above 25 degrees celsius.

However, like many tropical destinations, there is a rainy season, which is estimated to be from June to November. Be warned, during rainy season or just after, there may be some stagnant pools of water; perfect breeding sites for deadly mosquitoes! However, if you do get bitten, we have a fast relieving and soothing spray; Bug Bite Relief which contains cooling aloe vera.


When you arrive on this island, you will notice vast green rolling hills and many tropical plant varieties. Unlike many of the world’s best beaches, this beach is free to the public and is easily accessible. On this beach you will also find a variety of tourist and clothing shops. Take notice of the more popular food stands along the beach, as they are likely to serve some of the best street food, using local produce. Again, this is a great beach for getting your snorkel mask on and heading into the water. 
Snorkel Mask  


There are now a wide variety of underwater cameras that you can buy, which would be great to capture some of the underwater world. If you have children, please note that there are shallow waters for the kids to splash around in and on-duty lifeguards. There are also toilets and shower facilities on the beach where you can freshen up, which is particularly helpful if you have been making mermaids in the sand with the kids. 


Travel Health Advice for Beach Goers
If you are staying at a beach resort, or perhaps going to one of these beaches for a day visit, it would be recommended that you go onto the Your Trip planner on our website. This planner gives you travel advice about the destination that you are going to, which has been created with information supplied by the FCO, and gives you a recommended kit list for protection against water diseases and insect bites. If you are aware that your accommodation has no mosquito net for the bed, particularly in areas with tropical climates, you may wish to consider looking at our range of mosquito nets; some hanging and some self-supporting.


The nets have all been pre-treated with the latest, advanced Zi technology. The net treatment lasts for up to 2 years or 35 washes. We sell our insect repellents, mosquito nets and water sanitation products through a variety of online sellers. If you wish to purchase these products in the UK, you can go on Amazon (UK site) or the Healthy Travel Shop
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