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Travelling with Kids Abroad

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Travelling with Kids Abroad

Holidays, that’s why we work isn’t it? Counting down the days until we board the plane and set off on another adventure. Lots of parents take their little ones on holiday with them. We have put together some tips for your holidays with the kids, so that you can have peace of mind, and foremost you will all have an amazing time!

What to Pack for the Little Ones?

Packing for yourself can be challenging enough. We have created a list of items that you should pack for the trip:
• First Aid kit; plasters, antiseptic wipes, calpol sachets, teething gel, Children’s Antihistamine (Benadryl), and a medicine spoon


• Baby wipes- always come in handy!
• A blanket
• Baby sling
• Nappies
• A selection of day and night time clothes for the kids
• Healthy snacks and many drinks
• Colouring packs
• Dummy- bring spares just in case
• Look at our DEET-free insect repellent range, to help protect against Malaria, Zika Virus and Lyme disease. Trek Sensitive- suitable for kids aged 2 or over and Trek Natural- suitable for babies from age 6 months and over

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• DEET mosquito repellentTrek Ultra is suitable for children from age 2 and over
• Hat- if you are going to a sunny destination
• The pram
• Baby or child friendly sun cream- for those harmful UV rays
• A few favourite toys
• Swimming nappies/ swimmers for kids
• Arm bands- so they can learn and practice how to swim
• Hysan Hand Gel- Hand Sanitation to get rid of those nasty germs!
• Hysan Surface Sanitiser- Cleans any surface and is great for self-catering accommodation where you prepare the kids’ meals

How to Prepare Children for their Travel Journey to the Destination 

For children, going on a plane, can be a new experience for them. If you just take them onto the plane without explaining what is going on, they may become distressed. Even for many adults, flying or going on a ferry can be a daunting and terrifying experience. Therefore, it is crucial that you regularly inform your child/children what is happening now, prior to and during departure, and what is going to happen during the journey. 

Fly over New Zealand
                                                           (Flying Over New Zealand)

This experience could also be one for the memory bank for yourselves and for when they get older. Try to take some photos of their first few trips on a plane/boat/train and keep a few of their drawings that they have created during the trip.

The Journey There

Planning is a great way to ensure that your kids are happy and entertained. The first stage is to estimate the journey time to your destination. This really helps. It does not matter what method of transport you are using, you can apply the same principles which are; ensure you remember food breaks (keeps them happy), schedule in a variety of activities (fun & or educational) and remember to take them for loo breaks! It is also good to take toddlers and older kids for a little walk to keep them occupied, and it will benefit you too, so that your legs don’t get too sore from sitting down for too long. It is also important to take turns when taking the little ones for a walk, so that the both of you can reap the benefits. Lastly, if they are babies, don’t forget to schedule in a few naps.

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Entertaining Activities

For many generations, the game ‘I spy’ has been a top game for children to play with each other or with their parents, as a method to pass the time. However, there are really effective games you can play with your children, which can also make the journey more entertaining for both parties. For instance, ‘paper bag puppet’ involves taking a simple paper bag (that you have cut holes out of for eyes and mouth), which they will decorate and you can model it for them. You don’t want them to get too messy when travelling, so stick to child approved crayons and pens. For the kids, it is also good to get them involved in the planning of the holiday. Perhaps if you show them guide books or travel brochures, about where you are going, so that they can tell you what sites they want to see. 


At the end of the day, all we want is to have a great holiday and for our kids to be happy. If you plan ahead and prepare well, you will have a holiday that will be enjoyed by all, full of; laughs, kisses, cuddles, great pictures and great lasting memories. Visit the ‘Your Trip Planner’ tool on our website to ensure that you take the best travel health products with you on your holiday.

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