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Top Five Summer Holiday Festivals Around the World

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Top Five Summer Holiday Festivals Around the World

Now that summer is in the air, what do you have planned? Are you first to hop on a plane to a sun-drenched spot abroad or would you rather be dancing in your wellies on home turf? We take a look at the best of the festivals worldwide…







Glastonbury, UK

Glastonbury is the king of British festivals. With 34 years of success behind it, the festival has earned its reputation as one of the most inspiring and entertaining events on the planet. Part music festival, part expressive platform, the event lasts four days and sees almost 175,000 people descend on its 900 hectare site. It is a colourful maze of tipis and twinkling lights, with vibrant acoustic stages, world food, art installations and music from all over the globe. You can spend hours walking and not pass the same spot – there’s not a dance tent, there’s a dance village! You can lose yourself in the depths of Shangri-La, Glastonbury’s pulsing underbelly full of late night jazz and hijinks, or spend lazy days watching the sun set over the site. One thing’s for sure, you won’t forget Glasto in a hurry, come rain or shine.




Love International Festival, Croatia

If big gatherings make you want to run for the hills, then a more relaxed festival experience is just a short flight away. Situated on Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian coast, Love International invites fans of house and techno to dance into the night in its olive groves and natural amphitheatre. Revellers can enjoy 30-degree heat and stunning views of the Aegean coast from the secluded bay where the festival is located. Boat parties set sail every day and night and when the main event closes for the night, Barabarella’s discotheque hosts parties into the small hours. Located in an area known locally as The Garden, the bars and stages of Love international are surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation which means insects will always be around. Be wise and go prepared to Croatia, with Trek Sensitive insect repellent in hand.

 Love International


Benicassim, Spain

Every year the idyllic, coastal Spanish town of Benicassim hosts Festival Internacional de Benicassim, a four-day event which brings together the best British and European bands and DJs for a huge summer party. Compared to other festivals, Benicassim is a great place to relax - its arena layout is spacious with plenty of chill-out zones, pools and pods. There are two camping sites for guests wishing to pitch up, conveniently situated between the festival site and the beach. The camp closest to the beach has trees which are perfect for hammocks, giving welcome protection from the baking sun. However, the foliage is also home to lots of bugs and beasties so we advise arming yourself with plenty of mosquito repellent. That way your nights will be spent dancing, not scratching.




Burning Man, Nevada

You have to see Burning Man to believe it. Once a year 60,000 ‘burners’ gather in the Black Desert, Nevada for a celebration of art and music which lasts a week. Revellers endure searing heat and dust storms but it’s all worth it to experience the full escapism of the desert, which provides a strikingly beautiful backdrop for hundreds of artistic creations, stages and installations. People travel around by bike, and the site is characterised by striking sculptures which dot the skyline. Burning Man is a pilgrimage for some, but last year it was hit by a wave of biting bugs and mosquitoes intent on making revellers’ lives a misery. Don’t let biting insects rain on your desert parade, and go prepared with Trek Natural mosquito repellent.


Burning Man


Tomorrowland, Brazil

Born in Belgium, the magnified fairy tale backdrop that makes Tomorrowland unique has helped it to spread its wings and cross the Atlantic, transforming into an altogether more exotic rave. Tomorrowland is for lovers of dance music. From techno to trance and fidget to breakbeat, the festival is all about energy. Over four days, thousands of festival-goers enjoy a hedonistic handful of electronic artists who play from stages straight out of story books. Located in Sao Paolo’s beautiful Parque Maeda, the Belgian festival has found a true soulmate across the Atlantic, receiving a warm Latin American welcome. Big colours and ever bigger tunes characterise Tomorrowland and it is one not to be missed if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Brazil. Unfortunately, the threat of the Zika virus in that part of the world is high, so stay safe with a deet spray and insect repellent bands for use in the day, and a mosquito net for protection while you sleep.



Wherever you are in the world, biting insects can cause irritation, infection and disease. Don't let them spoil your celebrations and set off to your festival armed with plenty of protection from Pyramid Travel Products. Use the Your Trip Planner tool, for the latest travel health advice and a kit list specific to your destination. 




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