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Best Working Holidays for the Summer

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Best Working Holidays for the Summer

Do you love to travel? Why not make some money while doing what you love? Essentially, people are attracted to travelling for a variety of reasons; exploring new places, taking part in adrenalin-pumping activities, making new friends and creating new memories. However, sometimes we do not have the funds to go travelling, which can be a real pain.

Working abroad can be fun! Lets face it, working in a warmer climate doesn’t seem like a bad idea. After work you can have a BBQ on the beach with your friends. Basically, working abroad means that you will have more funds to do more of what you love. Simple as that.



Travel for Recent Graduates

Congratulations to all of those who have just found out if they are to be graduating this year! If you are still wondering what to do this summer, why not celebrate your success in Germany? Popular choices of work in Germany include: bar work, waiter/waitress, fashion retail stores and so on. Perhaps Berlin will appeal to you; home to an abundance of historic events, site seeing tours, inspiring architecture, one of the best zoos, and a wide range of restaurants and bars. Another main attraction of Germany is that the cost of living there is less than in the UK. Therefore, you will have more money to check out some of Berlin’s most popular spots for nightlife, where you can continue to celebrate your achievements. 



Travel for the Hard Working Student

An extremely popular destination for students is the US. BUNAC is a very popular organisation that gives advice to individuals, primarily students, and essentially organises their internships, fun summer work abroad, and so on. Although applications for this year are closed for the ‘Summer Work in America!’ programme, it is something that you may consider for next summer. The scheme, which costs £599, is a great way to experience the best that the US has to offer. Here in the UK, they help to organise your medical insurance for when you go to the US, as well as giving you a detailed handbook; full of tips for living and working in the US. You are not left alone when you go over there! When you are in the US, there is a 24/7 emergency contact and they also help you to arrange your Bank Account.

New York

Brooklyn Bridge and NYC

Career Break Travel

For those of you who are no longer students, and who now are in full time work, don’t worry there are lots of opportunities to work abroad this summer!

Have a look at the Geo Visions website, where you can teach English at a summer camp in Italy! We have highlighted this opportunity, as apart from the amazing teaching part of your day, where you interact with Italian children, you can also have an appetising lunch of pasta, followed by brewed Espresso or Cappuccino. Later you can go to the beach and read after work with a glass of locally produced vino- this definitely does not happen in the UK!

Imagine you are picking apples or grapes on a farm surrounded by rolling hills, located in a beautiful village in France. This could be you! Try not to eat them all though! There are farmers you can contact to find work picking fruit, which you can find via searching various sites. This job will keep you fit, as well as being fulfilling with the amazing landscapes and being out in the glorious sun.

Vineyard in Italy

Vineyard in Italy

Volunteering Opportunities

If volunteering is more what you are after, there are new opportunities to get involved in agriculture and farming. If you have a look at One World 365, they have a variety of agriculture and farming projects for the summer. It can range from just 2 weeks volunteering, to 6 months, whatever suits you. To do the project, it will cost you approximately £1,250 to £2,000. The main benefit of these projects is that you will not only learn how to grow your own vegetables, but you will also be a part of the local enterprise, through showing locals how to sell these vegetables to help feed their families.

Another volunteering opportunity could involve looking after beautiful children at the New Hope Orphanage in Cambodia. This programme focuses on the education and welfare of these wonderful children. The children are also given free meals, made with great quality local produce. You can really make a huge difference to these children’s lives.

New Hope Cambodia

New Hope Orphanage in Cambodia

Travel Health Advice for Working Abroad

If you are working abroad this summer or are still considering it, we advise that you go onto the ‘Your Trip’ page of our website which gives you a geographical-specific kit list, and other health information about the destination you are going to.
You also may wish to look at our easy to use Mosinet,a mosquito net, which has been treated with Zi technology to protect you against mosquitoes that carry Malaria or Zika virus. This net is easy to use; it pops up in seconds.


Mosinet Mosquito Net

In relation to insect bite protection for outdoors, we offer a wide range of DEET and DEET-free insect repellents. We recommend Trek 50  for the warmer climates, which is extremely effective, as it contains 49% DEET, whilst also protecting you for up to 6 hours. Read the label carefully; it tells you where on the body to spray it onto. As stated above, we have a DEET-free insect repellent range. For instance, you may choose to purchase Trek Natural, which provides protection for up to 10 hours from a single application, whilst also having a pleasant smell, and can be used on babies from age 6 months and above.

If you have any other travel health queries, we recommend that you go to your GP and ask for further advice. On a final note, ensure that between 6-8 weeks prior to going on your holiday, you go to your local travel clinic and get the required vaccinations. 


Written by Kirsty


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