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Exciting Announcement! Protection Through Innovation

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Protect Repellents for the Family Market

We are very pleased to announce the introduction of our New Protect range of insect repellents, designed specifically with families in mind. This exciting new range has come about after extensive consumer research to develop a family focused insect repellent range.

With over 15 years’ experience supplying repellents for the outdoor market (with our Trek Range which is here to stay!), the Protect range incorporates all our insect repellent knowledge to make a great insect bite solution that can be picked up on your weekly supermarket/pharmacy shop.

Why Choose Protect?

Using advanced insect repellent technology, a number of the Protect insect repellents include time-release technology, meaning one application can offer insect bite protection for the whole day. This allows you to enjoy your family holiday bite free, without worrying about very frequent application.  

Protect Once, Protect Sensitive and Protect Midge & Tick, all work for up to 12 hours from one single application and are sweat & splash resistant. They are perfect for active family holidays in tropical areas or in Europe.

Protect Insect Repellents in the Press

Are the Protect Repellents Suitable for Kids?

Yes, Protect Sensitive, Protect Midge & Tick, Protect Everyday and Protect Once are all ideal for use on kids age 2+. Also there is an insect repellent for babies with Protect Natural, suitable for 6 months+.

Protect Max, the maximum strength repellent is best used by ages 12+ and is the strongest repellent in the Protect range.

Where Can You Buy Protect?


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