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Best Festivals in the Southern Hemisphere

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When we think of festivals we immediately get caught in the trap of just associating them with fireworks, a boozy weekend and loud music. Although a lot of festivals across the world revolve around this, there are festivals that were started to celebrate life & new beginnings.

Below, we have selected three festivals that will blow you away with endless entertainment and visual delight.






Loi Krathong Festival, Chang Mai Thailand, November 13th to 15th

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If you are going to be in Thailand this month, make sure to put this festival on your to-do list! There are two key components to this festival that make it one of the most respectful and captivating festivals today.

First, it is the Krathong, a religious offering consisting of flowers, a single incense stick, and a lit candle, which is then released harmoniously with other Krathong onto a river. Those who make and release the Krathong do so to pay respect to the Goddess of Water, whilst also ridding themselves of past misfortune and grievances. Locals also believe that by paying respect to the Goddess of Water, they may be blessed with good luck in the future.

Another key event during this festival is the release of floating lanterns (Khom Loy) into the night sky. Again, this act relieves people of their misfortunes with the aim of bringing them good luck. Often, people will say a short prayer before releasing their lantern.

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Buenos Aires Jazz Festival International, Buenos Aires Argentina, 23rd to 28th November 

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If you like to swing and jive, this is the festival for you. The list of artists ranges from top jazz groups in Europe, to recently discovered Latin American artists, and other jazz stars from across America.

Not only will there be top jazz performances, but there will be the opportunity for members of the audience to ask their idols questions, take jazz lessons from the experts and to top it all off, there will be a massive jam session involving the artists and members of the audience!

As you may know, South America is a high risk area for contracting the Zika Virus, a mosquito borne disease that has been discovered to cause microcephaly in unborn babies. Whilst it is still recommended by health professionals for pregnant women to avoid travel to South America, if this is not the case for you and you decide to go, make sure to take a DEET mosquito repellent and a mosquito net.

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New Year’s Eve, Sydney, 31st December 

New Year Sydney

It has almost become a competition for countries across the globe to see who can put on the best firework display every year. Admittedly, Sydney pulls out all the stops and can let you end your year with a BANG!

Queues to prime spots around the Sydney Opera House start at approximately 10am, so make sure to pack plenty of suncream and water for during the day! There are plenty of other prime spots to watch the fireworks from, if you dread long queues.

Last year’s events included live singers, an aerobatic display, stunning boat displays and extravagant fireworks along the harbour bridge. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for this year.  

If you want to treat yourself to a succulent tender steak before you head to the show, dine at the Waterfront Grill at the harbour, and make sure to book in advance!

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Have a safe and fantastic trip! 


Written by Kirsty


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