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Southern Winter Destinations

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Jack Frost has made an appearance once again and it’s making us Brits want to head off into the sun. Don’t fret, there is still plenty of time to book the perfect winter getaway with your family.

Below, we have listed two magnificent winter sun destinations, where you can take in that long-forgotten Vitamin D, and relax on a sun-lounger next to the inviting sea.






South Africa

Safari parks, hiking, wining and dining, snorkelling and much more! After a trip to South Africa, I doubt that there will be much left to tick off from your bucket-list.

Of course, many thrill seekers go here to face their fears and stare into the eyes of the ocean’s greatest predator, the Great White Shark. 

Great White

If this is something that does not appeal to you, I wouldn’t blame you, there are lots of less terrifying activities to participate in when in South Africa. For instance, you can visit the African Penguins at Boulder’s Beach, a family-friendly spot near Simon’s Town. Unfortunately, these harmless penguins have been classified as endangered, due to the introduction of large-scale commercial fishing.

A final recommendation would be to put on your walking boots and a hike along the Hoerikwaggo Trail in Cape Town. This trail should take approximately 5 full days to complete, hence there are several overnight accommodation options along the path, allowing you to feast on local delicacies and regain momentum. This path covers beaches and mountains, providing you with breath-taking views, so get up early and take some pics as the sun rises!

As the risk of contracting Malaria in South Africa is highest from the months of September to May, extra precautions should be taken. For instance, for maximum day time protection, wear Mosi-Off insect repellent bands alongside Trek 50 DEET spray!

Also, instead of struggling with a heavy bag full of water for your journey along the Hoerikwaggo Trail, take an empty litre water bottle and fill it up with river water. It will not be safe to drink yet, so after filtering out any large dirt particles through a piece of cotton, for instance a t-shirt, add in one of our Biox Aqua tablets, leave for ten minutes and you will have uncontaminated drinking water. 

Biox Tablets


This is an archipelago, or a stretch of sea consisting of up to 104 islands in Malaysia, the main island being Palau Langkawi.

The Sky Cab, as shown below, gives tourists a fun ride over pre-historic jungles as well as providing passengers with stunning scenery over to the main island and onto the horizon. When you depart from the Sky Cab at the Top station, there are a few stairs which are worth the climb! When you reach the top, there are two viewing platforms, providing you with more incredible views over Langkawi. When on the viewing platform, you will be a staggering 708m above sea level! 


Another must-do activity is to head to Pulau Payar Marine Park, where you can snorkel to your heart’s content and get involved in a variety of water sports. On day tours here, there are lunches included or BBQ facilities to cook your own lunch if you prefer. Also, snorkel gear is free for hire on most tours.

Malaysia is also renowned for its food, particularly its steamed or fried fish and the spicy, but full of flavour soups. When in Langkawi, we recommend that you try the stunning D’Reef at The Cliff restaurant, located at a popular nightlife spot, with panoramic views over the Andaman Sea! This restaurant is also well-known for its exotic cocktails, packed with a punch.

If you are staying in a hostel or budget accommodation in Langkawi, we recommend that you take our Bed Bug Guard to avoid painful and irritating bites, that can leave you with red sores.   

Furthermore, if you have sensitive skin and want an effective mosquito repellent, we have the solution. Take our Trek Sensitive DEET-free spray, containing 20% micro-encapsulated Saltidin. The key benefits of this mosquito repellent are that it can be used on children from the age of 2, pregnant women, and will protect you for up to 12 hours from a single application! 

Trek Sensitive 1

Have an incredible trip with your loved ones, and remember to have your travel health products packed in your case before you go, so that you can be sure to be protected on your trip!



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