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Half-Term Holiday Sunshine Delights

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The kids are back to school now with their packed lunch and new set of stationery. They are reunited with their friends and back in the classroom, where they are learning new skills to better prepare them for their bright future. 

October is the time when the cold nights begin to creep into our lives once more, and the dark nights start earlier…

In other words, we have less time to keep our kids occupied outside with bike rides, basketball and so on. Unfortunately, this also means that they will become restless and to put it bluntly, challenging.




One solution? Why not give them something to look forward to and treat them (and you of course) to another family getaway in the sun? Below, we have some destination ideas, suggested travel health products and useful advice for a safe trip!

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But Where to Go?


The beautiful island of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean, offers serenity, and it can also be a perfect family destination with lots of water and on land activities to choose from.

If your child is a water baby, they will be in heaven in Mauritius. Choose from water skiing, windsurfing, snorkelling, kayaking and so on. The reef itself is clustered with so many varieties of corals, providing vital nutrients and shelter for many of the fish found in the Indian Ocean. 

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Also, look out for dolphins when you are out on the water as they are often seen around the island.

British Airways now have direct flights departing from London Gatwick and London Heathrow to Mauritius, meaning that you have more time to enjoy the sun and unwind!

The hotel Riu Creole has everything you and your family could possibly need; a range of eateries, a spa, included water activities with the all-inclusive package, and some evening entertainment. Bliss.

Travel Health in Mauritius:

  • Insect Bites - Precautions should be taken against insect borne diseases such as Dengue Fever, Zika Virus and Malaria. We recommend that you take a mosquito repellent such as Trek Sensitive, containing 20% Saltidin® which provides effective protection for up to 12 hours. Also, note that this repellent spray can be used on children from age 2+.  

Also, ensure that you investigate whether your hotel accommodation includes a treated mosquito net. If you are unsure, we advise that you have a look at our range of quality mosquito nets, all of which have been treated with Zi technology net impregnation for the ultimate mosquito protection.

  • Water Sanitation- As there are various hikes you can partake in, and local bottled or river water may be your only source of hydration, we suggest that you take Biox Aqua Tablets, which contain Chlorine Dioxide. These easy to use tablets treat water for safe drinking. Add one tablet to one litre of water, shake and leave to stand for ten minutes until the tablet is dissolved; it will then be safe to drink. 

Biox Tablets


Located in South East Asia, this Independent state is world renowned as being one of the cleanest cities in the world! This city looks truly magical at night; with light up skyscrapers, many of which gradually change colour, and mirror like reflections on the water by the harbour.

Singapore can also be a haven for children, with a wide variety of engaging trips and jaw-dropping sites to see. Our first recommended activity is the Night Safari. This animal orientated excursion includes an enjoyable tram ride, where you will witness an assortment of nocturnal wildlife and you can observe their behaviours. This trip also includes further exciting entertainment, but we don’t want to give too much away!

Another idea is to head to the island of Sentosa. In a day, you can walk around Universal Studios gaining interesting insights about the making of a whole range of Box Office movies, and fit in a visit to one of the world’s finest aquariums! Here, this is possible and there is so much more! Get your swimming gear on and head to the Adventure Cove Waterpark where you will encounter flumes of all shapes and sizes, lots of splashing, and possibly some aquatic creatures.

Travel Health in Singapore:

  • Insect Bite- The Zika Virus has been confirmed in the state of Singapore, where local mosquitoes are known to carry the disease. There is still an official health warning to pregnant women who have holidays booked here, to postpone their travels. If you and your family are going to Singapore, it is vital to take the necessary precautions against insect-borne diseases. Our effective Trek Ultra DEET spray has been successfully designed to provide the ultimate protection from mosquitoes for up to 12 hours. It has been clinically proven to be just as effective as maximum strength DEET repellents. This has been achieved through the micro-encapsulation of the 30% DEET, meaning that it is released gradually over the period of wear. 

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We hope that you, and your family have an incredible trip wherever you choose to go!

For further travel health advice about the country you are visiting, go to the ‘Your Trip Planner’ for a travel health guide and recommended kit list! At Pyramid we specialise in manufacturing the very best mosquito repellent, mosquito net, and travel hygiene product ranges, making sure you and your family can stay protected every time you holiday. 



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