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The Science of Mosquito Net Impregnation

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A good mosquito net operates in two ways:

1. Providing a physical barrier to insects
2. Treated to kill mosquitoes on contact

The Physical Barrier

Many mosquito nets currently on the market are designed to WHO minimum standards, having 156 holes per square inch, whereas Pyramid mosquito nets have 300 holes per square inch. This means that our nets are physically stronger and are able to stand up to the durability needed for international travel. In addition, 300 holes means that the mosquito net prevents other smaller biting insects from getting through. Our fine mosquito nets are made using 100% polyester.


Why is it important that a mosquito net is treated?

A net treatment is a very important feature of an effective mosquito net, ensuring that when a mosquito tries to enter the net, it is killed. The net surface is treated with a biocide which is designed to be safe for contact with humans. 

If a mosquito net is not treated, it means insects can make persistent attempts to get in, probing for weaknesses in the net. It takes just one mosquito to enter the net while you are sleeping to cause multiple bites, which could then lead to the contraction of a dangerous mosquito borne disease.

What Makes Pyramid’s Net Impregnation Unique?

In order to prevent the risk of mosquito resistance to the impregnation, Pyramid's Zi Technology net treatment incorporates 2 active biocides in order to effectively kill mosquitoes (Permethrin and PBO, otherwise known as Piperonyl butoxide). The dual action biocides are then combined with a unique binding agent. Permethrin based insecticide treatments, such as our Zi Technology net treatment, are recommended by The World Health Organisation and have excellent safety records.

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Pyramid’s philosophy is always to use the minimum amount of chemical possible to achieve effective protection. We use advanced binders and encapsulation technologies, to ensure that only a low dose of biocide is required on the net, and the treatment is resistant to washing. The net treatment in our pre-treated mosquito nets, lasts up to 2 years or 35 washes.

The mosquito net treatment is encapsulated within the fabric fibres: 

Encapsulation Technology

Our mosquito nets have a quality design with deep net skirts and double stitching. Pyramid mosquito nets are robust products designed for the rigors of adventure travel. The only untreated mosquito net is the Cot Bell Net, due to the increased risk of ingestion by young children.

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