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Do something different…and more extreme this Easter!!

Yes, it may be the 21st Century where kids are content with playing Xbox or PlayStation video games indoors, but who wants to spend the Easter holidays inside when the great outdoors is waiting for you to enjoy it.







There is a new breed of more extreme adventures out there designed to be the ultimate bonding experience and to make children more responsible and capable of looking after themselves. There is no doubt that as well as new life skills, these experiences will result in some long lasting memories of a unique weekend. 

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Survival Academy | Bear Grylls

Expedition icon Bear Grylls has gained a reputation for being the man who will eat ANYTHING, even live creepy crawlies. Not only has he captured the media’s attention but he has also captured our attention as he has tackled life-threatening challenges during his past role as a member of the British Army and through his various expeditions. In 2013, Bear was awarded with the honorary title of lieutenant colonel by the Royal Marines Reserve.

Although Bear shares his knowledge through his several books and on screen about how to survive in the wilderness, he was determined to find a way to allow families to gain practical outdoors survival skills. Hence, he set up his Survival Academy which now includes 4 courses aimed towards families.  

Each family course runs for up to 24 hours, covering locations across Britain including Brecon Beacons, Doncaster, Dartmoor and the South Downs.

The family courses have an age limitation, only children aged between 9 & 17 years old can participate with their parents or a guardian. Some activities included within the courses range from building shelters from scratch, starting fires and risky river crossings.

The availability over this year for these courses is quite limited, so get booking as soon as you can! 

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As these courses will be located in national parks across the UK, there is a greater risk that you may come across a tick, and may even get bitten by one. If you do not realise that you have a tick bite, and so do not remove the tick from your body, you could be at risk of contracting Lyme Disease. The severity of Lyme Disease can vary greatly, ranging from symptoms similar to a common cold to paralysis or heart problems.

Therefore, before you are involved in any outdoor activity, we recommend that you apply a trusted insect repellent spray. To help protect against midge bites and Lyme Disease, we would strongly recommend applying Trek Midge & Tick to any areas of exposed skin. This effective DEET-free repellent spray containing 20% Saltidin® & moisturising plant extracts, has been expertly manufactured using unique micro-encapsulation technology, allowing this repellent to protect the wearer for up to 12 hours!

Dangerous Weekend for Boys | Wildwise

Located in the stunning Dartmoor national park in Devon, the buschcraft enterprise called Wildwise has created a wide range of courses to suit all ages and requirements. However, as this blog is focused on family bonding extreme survival courses, we have chosen to cover the Dangerous Weekend for Boys course.

As suggested in the name, this course is for boys aged 6 years and over, to be accompanied by an adult male family member or guardian. This fantastic course is running from Friday the 4th of August to Sunday the 6th of August this year, again with limited availability. Evening meals and breakfasts are also included, however, it is recommended to bring your own packed lunch for the two days. 

Biox Aqua Tablets 

As you are venturing to Dartmoor on this course specifically to experience ‘roughing it’ as you sleep outside and eat food straight from the wild (SLIMY AND WRIGGLY CREEPY CRAWLIES…), you may also be drinking river water. Though the instructors will be aware of areas where you can collect uncontaminated water, as the saying goes, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’. Therefore, after collecting the litre of water and filtering out any large dirt particles, add in one Biox Aqua Tablet and let it dissolve for ten minutes if the water has a low risk of contamination. The water is then safe to drink and will be safe for up to 24 hours.

The unique quality that Biox Aqua has over other water treatment products, is that microorganisms cannot build up resistance to the biocidal agent in Biox Aqua, which is Chlorine Dioxide. The same cannot be said for water treatment products that use the biocide Chlorine.  

Who knows, when you return from your weekend trip of bushcraft, your children may want to join Scouts, or you may end up spending more time together as a family on camping trips. Nonetheless, what will be gained from these courses are practical outdoors life skills and a greater overall appreciation for life.






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