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With ever-growing stories of pollution, where smog fills entire cities, it is no wonder why many of us are concerned about the future of our planet. We are told to use less aerosols, to convert to electronic cars, to switch off lights when not in the premises and so on. But what measures have businesses in the travel accommodation market adopted to reduce their carbon footprint?







Resources used as Structural Foundations

The Earthship Biotecture programme was first initiated in 1979, with the aim to have unique holiday lodgings that are completely sustainable. Through the use of zero-carbon technology in the design and construction of the ‘earthships’, and the various agricultural additions to the surrounding land, holiday goers that stay in an ‘earthship’ will have a guilt-free trip. In relation to the structural foundation of these green getaways, all of the materials used are either natural or recycled. The recycled materials used include car tyres, aluminium cans, plastic and glass bottles. 

The Indonesia Tropical Earthship is located on the very small Island of Kenawa, located adjacent to the Komodo National Park, approximately an hour from Bali. Entry to this island requires research and haggling as it can only be accessed via small boats. You can walk around the entire island in just under an hour, where you can locate the Dive Centre offering an array of day or night activities and PADI diving courses. 


Above- A New Earthship Development

To ensure you have a safe holiday in Kenawa, make sure to take a strong DEET spray mosquito repellent such as Trek 50. This is our maximum-strength repellent spray, which can also be used by pregnant women. If you do go for a snorkel or dive, make sure to reapply your repellent. To further maximise your protection against mosquito bites, in addition to wearing mosquito repellent, put our comfortable Mosi-Off bands around your feet and ankles.  

Eco Activities and Wildlife Conservation

The Serena Beach Resort and Spa located near Mombasa, Kenya has a very important conservation programme for sea turtles. The programme was started in 1993, where volunteers including researchers and staff members made hatching cages. These cages were designed in order to improve egg survival rates, as turtle eggs face daily threats such as predators, human activity and tidal flooding. Through 24-hour monitoring, from the first hatchling recordings in 1993 to now, the volunteers have estimated that the total number of turtles that have successfully made their way into the Indian Ocean sits at 43,691. As guests at this resort, you can observe the incubation process, and if you’re lucky, you can watch the tiny turtles making their journey into the ocean.

This stunning resort is also perfect for families, as it includes a Butterfly Centre, eco-walks, free water sports and even an ice-cream stall.

Turtle Conservation

Turtle Hatchlings On Route to Life at Sea

When holidaying in Kenya, if a mosquito net is not provided, you are at risk of contracting bites at night. We recommend that you take a high quality mosquito net with you on your holiday. At Pyramid we design and manufacture a wide range of hanging and self-supporting mosquito nets which have all been pre-treated using advanced Zi Technology, with the exception of the Cot Bell Net. This net allows for maximum protection and a lifetime product usage of up to 3 years.

The Ultimate Eco-Resort

Imagine a holiday resort that combines eco-friendly architecture, on-site agriculture where ingredients grown are used in your meals, and a resort with a commitment to improving the marine ecosystem. The Gayana Eco Resort in Malaysia features 52 stilted villas on a tranquil lagoon, which were designed to not interfere with the prosperous life ‘on land’. This resort is also recognised for its dedication to marine life through its fish farm, coral restoration programme and marine ecology research centre. As guests, you can help to re-plant corals which are crucial in the survival of the marine eco-system, as they provide shelter and food sources. Coral reefs also provide us with benefits, including the provision of an effective barrier for coastlines against an array of natural disasters, ranging from hurricanes to tsunamis.  

Coral Replanting

Coral Re-Planting

Due to the dense jungle surrounding this resort, which creates a humid atmosphere, you should seriously consider taking an insect repellent spray. A humid atmosphere is the most favourable for mosquitoes who will breed and feed in these conditions. So before you head out to explore, make sure to apply our Trek Sensitive DEET-free mosquito repellent. This repellent contains 20% Saltidin® and is suitable for use in high risk areas, including Malaysia. Additionally, if you are going on a family holiday, Trek Sensitive is the perfect repellent as it can be used on pregnant women and children from the age of 2+.

Book your green escape to help protect our planet’s future!

No matter where in the world you are travelling, you should visit our ‘Your Trip Planner’, a free online tool which provides you with general travel health information about the destination you are visiting, and travel health products to make your holiday safer.  



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