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Best Detox Holidays for 2017

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It’s a New Year and this is the month where you may think about going on a ‘detox’. But what is a detox? Is it dieting, drinking less alcohol or perhaps taking up yoga?

Our definition of detoxing is the act of cutting down on the consumption of processed foods, incorporating exercise into your daily routine and looking after your body and mind. Taking a relaxing mini break which incorporates all of these elements, will reintroduce energy and drive into your life. But where to go?







Japan is well recognised for its respectful and peaceful way of life. This stunning country is also well known for having one of the largest populations of locals aged 65 and over. There have been many new developments in Japan that have been adopted to help increase life expectancy rates. For instance, when in Japan you can join in a morning outdoors exercise class. To take part in more traditional Japanese exercises, you may wish to visit a martial arts centre where you can study and take up Judo, Jujutsu or similar.

We have also chosen Japan for a detox holiday as many traditional Japanese dishes are free from processed foods and contain those vital superfoods such as seaweed, edamame and so on. There is even a new motion in Japan to improve labelling on foods containing genetically modified grains such as corn or soy. The aim is to make locals more aware of those foods containing these unnatural ingredients. 

Japan Martial Arts

No matter what time of year it is that you visit Japan, there will always be a risk of mosquitoes that could carry mosquito-borne diseases, such as Dengue or the Zika Virus. In order to minimise your risk of contracting a mosquito-borne disease, we would recommend that you use a DEET insect repellent such as Trek Ultra. Trek Ultra has been expertly designed through the use of our unique micro-encapsulation technology, allowing this repellent to protect you for up to 12 hours from a single application. Though this repellent contains 30% DEET, it is suitable for use in high risk areas and is also resistant to sweat and splashes.

Goa, India

Goa is a state in India which can provide you with tranquillity and culture. From temples and mosques, to secluded beaches, it is no wonder we chose Goa as a top detox destination for 2017. 

In the South of Goa, you may wish to stay at the Little Cove Yoga Retreat where you can participate in yoga and meditation classes on the beachfront or spot dolphins playing in the ocean. This resort also sources fresh locally grown produce and is an alcohol and smoke-free resort! The art of yoga, which is an ancient tradition which began in India, is now featured on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, highlighting its ability to improve the health and wellbeing of those who take it up.

Fancy taking a dip in a local waterfall, visiting a temple and learning how to cook traditional Goan cuisine? The private tour ‘Jungle Adventure from Goa’ will truly open up all your senses as you indulge in the natural beauty of the jungle and feast on spicy Goan dishes. 

Goa Sunset

It is important to remember that India is also home to mosquitoes and so, in order to prevent bites at night, you should take a mosquito net. We have a fantastic range of expertly designed self-supporting and hanging nets to suit your needs.  All of our mosquito nets have 300 holes per square inch and all, bar the Cot Bell Net, have been pre-treated with advanced Zi technology.

Hygiene in India has greatly improved, however in more rural areas, such as jungle trekking in Goa, hand sanitation products may not always be available for use. Therefore, we would recommend taking our Hysan Hand Gel, which kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs in just 30 seconds!  

The Scottish Borders

Located just 6.4 miles from Peebles, you will find a remote castle and within this castle there is the ‘UK’s Best Spa for a Stay in 2016’ as accredited by the Good Spa Guide Awards 2016. Stobo Castle is most certainly worth a visit during a holiday around the Scottish Borders, even for a half day. Here you can purchase rejuvenating spa treatments such as the Indian Head massage or Hot Stone massage to relieve stress and worries.

The Scottish Borders are also packed full of fantastic walking tracks such as the St Cuthbert’s Way which begins in Melrose in the borders and ends in Lindisfarne, also known as Holy Island in Northumberland. The walk totals 62.5 miles and along the path you will be in awe of the historic sites and incredible scenery. For smaller river walks, we would recommend that you visit the beautiful town of Kelso, which lies alongside the river Tweed.     

Spa Stobo

If you visit the Scottish Borders, make sure you have a bottle of Trek Midge & Tick on you at all times. Through infected tick bites, you can contract Lyme disease which can have severe long term effects on the body. Midges are also a common nuisance insect in Scotland, particularly in the summer, as they fly in swarms and can cause painful bites and skin inflammation. To avoid these insect bites apply Trek Midge & Tick, containing 20% Saltidin and moisturising plant extracts, before any outdoor activity.

Happy Detox Holiday! 


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