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The Strongest DEET Repellent and When to Use It

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As the Zika Virus is here to stay, like other common mosquito-borne diseases including Dengue Fever and Chikungunya, you will want to have the best travel health products to protect you while holidaying abroad.

At Pyramid, we spend months researching and developing our repellents before manufacture. We do this in order to produce exceptional products, with useful added features, that will effectively protect you from mosquito bites.

Below you will see reviews of our strongest DEET repellents and further information about correct insect repellent application.




Biocidal Products Regulations

We take EU rules and regulations very seriously here at Pyramid. Therefore, due to Biocidal Products Regulations 528/2012 (BPR), we no longer manufacture Trek 100. This regulation prohibits the manufacture and sale of products containing more than 50% DEET by January 2017.

Trek 50

This is our maximum strength DEET spray which contains 50% DEET and is clinically proven to repel mosquitoes. Trek 50 can be used in low risk areas such as Spain, as well as high risk areas such as South America and South East Asia.

This repellent is suitable for use on young adults from the age of 12+ and pregnant women. If you apply this repellent before going out touring for the day, it will last for up to 6 hours from the moment of application.

If you are swimming on your holiday abroad or have been in a heavy rain shower, we would recommend that you reapply the insect repellent as a precaution. 

Strongest DEET Blog 25 Stars Blog “Better than jungle formula as the pump enables more accurate dispensing, 
kept all flying stuff away.”

Trek Ultra

Providing you with the same all day protection previously offered by Trek 100, this is our ultimate repellent. Our team of scientists tried and tested ways to increase the protection time offered by a repellent using a lower percentage of DEET. They discovered that by using unique micro-encapsulation technology, they could encase the 30% DEET contained in the Trek Ultra repellent, within a shell. Hence, the DEET is released more gradually over the period of wear.

Micro-encapsulation also provides extra durability and resistance to sweat and splash. This is great for outdoor enthusiasts, such as mountain bikers or keen hikers, who sweat often when keeping active on holiday. Trek Ultra can be applied on children from the age of 2+ and pregnant women. 

5 Stars Blog “Used this product on my 6-year-old who has sensitive skin and had no problems at all. Not a bug bite all holiday.”

Insect Repellent Application  

All of our insect repellent sprays have a protective cap and an easy to use pump spray. We would recommend firstly applying your suncream and allowing time for this to be completely absorbed into your skin, which should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Take off the protective cap and spray the insect repellent evenly onto any exposed areas of skin, avoiding your eyes and mouth. For application on your face and to get a better distribution of the spray, apply onto the palm of your hands and dab gently onto these areas of skin. After this process, ensure you wash your hands. 

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As DEET is a well-known plasticiser, do not apply Trek DEET sprays onto clothes or items containing metals or plastics.

Further Travel Health Advice

Before embarking on any trip abroad, we recommend that you visit your local GP to gain essential travel health information and advice. Your GP will also remind you, if not already done so, to update your vaccinations.

Your Trip Planner is a useful online resource that includes up-to-date information feeds from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Fit for Travel. 




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