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An Expert Guide to Backpacking: An Interview with Travel Blogger Charli Moore

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Fun Facts About Charli

Place of Birth: Norwich, UK

First Family Holiday Away: Gurnsey in the Channel Islands

Favourite Song: Fields of Gold by Sting

Scariest thing You’ve Ever Done: Sailed across the top of

Australia from Darwin to Cairns - nothing but an uninhabited coastline for almost a month




For Charli’s Travel Tales, read our interview below:

What inspires you to travel?

“I know it sounds corny but every time I touch down in a new destination I get butterflies! There's just nothing quite like the thrill of discovering different cultures and landscapes.

My biggest inspiration is knowing how much each new trip gives me, how it helps me to grow, to challenge myself, and to glean a greater understanding of the world I live in.”

What has been your favourite destination so far?

“It's got to be St Kitts & Nevis. A Caribbean destination few find their way to, it's defined by its uncrowded beaches and untouched landscapes. I actually wrote an island guide for my blog, I'm sure you'll see why I love it so much when you take a peek at the photos!”

Charli M Nevis

Charli diving in Nevis with views looking over to St. Kitts

Why would you recommend backpacking to others?

“I think backpacking differs so much to hotel stays. When you check into a hotel you find yourself surrounded by other visitors, whereas when you backpack, travel on local transport, and choose homestays and house sits, you are immersed in the local culture and meet local people who share their knowledge of their home town.”

Name 5 things you wouldn’t be without in your backpack

“My camera, I shoot with the Panasonic Lumix GH4, and a power pack, as a blogger I have to stay connected! Some loose change in the local currency, a water bottle with a filter top - I’m always thirsty when I'm travelling, and a comb!”

What trips are next on your list?

“I'm actually heading back to Nevis for a month, then I've got a week in St. Lucia, followed by a week sailing the Cyclades in Greece with Yacht Getaways!”

Any tips for Visa applications?

“Get your applications in as early as you can, especially in developing countries where offices still use old-fashioned paper filing systems.”

Charli M 1

The iconic Santorini, Greece

You can follow Charli on Twitter too! @WanderlustersUK

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