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SafeHydrate - The filtered bottle for outdoor enthusiasts

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Finding safe drinking water when exploring the great outdoors isn't always the easiest task. You may think a stream or river seems clean enough, however you can never be sure it is safe to drink. SafeHydrate allows you to play it safe. Launched this year our SafeHydrate Filtered Water Bottle is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, allowing great tasting, filtered water to be accessible when on the move.

SafeHydrate makes water sources such as rivers, streams and lakes potential options for your next drink. The filtered bottle assures you of a thoroughly tested and proven level of biological protection that includes protection from bacteria, protozoa and chemical and biological toxins.

The bottle is BPA free, fits into standard cup holders, backpack pockets and bike cages, making it a great option for hikers, cyclists and other outdoor ethusiasts. SafeHydrate is easy to use - simply unscrew the cap, fill the bottle to approximately 35mm below the top and screw back on! The bottle has a fast flow and stays clean thanks to a sturdy protection cap.

Holding 650ml, SafeHydrate is capable of more than 580 refills (less than 6p per refill, or even less if you apply our discount code below!), limiting the environmental damage travellers can have through removing the need for single use bottles! This is particularly important with the increasing amount of images we are seeing of polluted beaches and the shocking environmental statistics around such as that over 91% of the UK's plastic not being recycled. The longevity, environmental benefits and cost benefits of SafeHydrate make it a great addition to any camper, backpacker or hikers kit. The ability to carry your own bottle and fill up safely anywhere is a great benefit for your health also! 

We created the video below to provide more information on SafeHydrate:


We are currently offering 20% off SafeHydrate until the end of August when you use code ‘SAFE20%’ on our webshop.

Biox Aqua Tablets or Drops are great products to use with SafeHydrate when the biological/viral quality of the water is poor.

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