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Outdoor Trade Show 2018

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Pyramid Travel Products are excited to announce that we will be attending the Outdoor Trade Show at EventCity in Manchester from 3-5 July 2018! 

The UK’s largest outdoor tradeshow will allow Pyramid Travel Products to showcase our extensive product range, from insect repellents and travel hygiene products to mosquito nets. With our insect repellents and travel hygiene products all being produced at our Headquarters in Kelso, Scottish Borders, Pyramid Travel Products provide unique British solutions to global travel issues.

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Amongst our wide range of insect repellents, Trek 50, our best-seller has proven its success in high risk areas across the world from the jungles of Indonesia and Sri Lanka, to Mexico in the rainy season. Meanwhile our DEET-Free alternative Trek Sensitive has also proven its effectiveness across the world from Albania to Greece and Kenya! Along with our highly rated products, we will also be showcasing new products that support our existing product range and could revolutionise the battle against insect borne diseases.

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With the quality of our products combined with the marketing support on offer, we could provide one of your next best-selling products! Pyramid Travel Products is eager to use the Outdoor Trade Show to build new relationships and expand our business, come and talk to us on stand 120 to find out more about our product range and what we do at Pyramid Travel Products!


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