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Travelling the USA with Pyramid Products

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If you follow our Instagram feed closely you may have noticed several product images from the USA recently… This is because recently returned from travelling the West and East Coast of the USA visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston all within four weeks! Before setting off I decided Trek Sensitive, Hysan Hand Gel, Travel Soap and a Bed Bug Guard would be all I needed, after all I was only travelling with hand luggage! 

The trip began in San Francisco where I applied the Bed Bug Guard to my hostel bed straight away. The Bed Bug Guard comes in a small compact bag and kills any bugs on contact, whilst also killing any remaining bugs on previously infected mattresses. When staying in hostels the Bed Bug Guard is an essential product, containing protection for your mattress and pillowcase. 

For my other activities in San Francisco which included cycling over the Golden Gate, visiting Alcatraz and using the famous cable cars,the Hysan Hand Gel proved a useful product, as it did in every city I visited. Being in these great cities and having irresistible food around every corner the Hysan Hand Gel really did prove its value on the trip, particularly due to its long lasting four-hour protection. With the bottle also containing 60ml it is a convenient size for throwing in any small bags you may carry around. 

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I only felt the need to use my insect repellent, Trek Sensitive when in the beach areas of LA and Miami and Washington at dusk. It was also used when hiking to the top of the Hollywood sign in LA and worked a treat as it has every time I have used Trek Sensitive. The great thing about this repellent is its pleasant smell (which attracted nearly as many compliments as my broad Scottish accent) combined with the long-lasting protection.  

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Travel Soap was my pre-trip essential as I knew travelling with hand luggage for four weeks would mean I’d have to wash my clothes on-the-go. The travel soap was great for this and for washing myself. Travel Soap again proves its versatility in that you could wash your items in salt water… I stuck to the bathroom sink however. The 180ml of this lasted me the whole four weeks, doing around 5 clothes washes and using it in the few hostels and Airbnb’s which didn’t provide shower gel.  

Soap USA

All in all the products undoubtedly made the trip easier and more enjoyable for myself and the friend I travelled with and we arrived home bite free, a success, particularly considering Miami’s reputation for mosquitoes.  


Written by Shaun


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