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What to do if you become a crime victim abroad?

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When we think of travel, the first words that come to our minds are “joy”, “adventure”, “exploration”. These positive notions are further amplified when travelling outside the country since it offers a variety of experiences, sceneries, and personalities entirely different from us.

However, the positive connotations can turn upside down when unfortunately, one becomes a victim of crime abroad.

But with enough preparation and foresight, backed with positive attitude, this situation can be handled effectively.

There are several things you can do to rise up to this situation, below are some suggestions:



1. Immediately go to the nearest police station. Contacting the police as soon as possible is one of the smartest things you can do. If you’ve been robbed, it’s imperative that you provide the details to the police to establish an official police report. It’s also necessary to list the lost/stolen items. Both the police report and list are required submissions when you’re making an insurance claim.

This is also the first step in case you are assaulted.

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2. In case of theft or robbery, immediately call your banks’ customer service department to cancel your credit cards, debit cards, and managers’ cheque. This way, you can be assured that your cards are blocked before they’re subjected to undue use that will cause you additional financial damages.

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3. When assaulted, contact the nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate as they can provide numerous assistance. Their staff can provide you with emotional support and counselling and provide you with legal-aid and ensure immediate actions regarding your case. In case you’re not able to, they can also contact your relatives and friends to inform them of the situation and offer you with other assistance measures that you may need.

More importantly, you should look into your travel insurance policy as this normally provides benefits that can alleviate the situation you’re in. Insurers provide 24/7 hotlines wherein you can easily report what happened and avail of their emergency medical and hospitalization benefits. With the right travel insurance, you can expect an ambulance to pick you up and transport you to a health care provider that will give you the medical attention you need.

In case of stolen belongings, your Travel Policy can alleviate your concern by reimbursement of what’s lost based on policy provisions and set limits. Do review your plan to familiarise yourself to the covered and not covered items and the per item and aggregate amounts allowed for claims.

Being a victim of a crime is definitely an unfortunate situation that one should never experience in a lifetime. But no matter how we try to be careful, you can still find yourself in a similar situation specially if you’re in a new country or city, one that is harder to navigate.

The key to handle this situation is to be prepared, purchase insurance protection that will warrant medical assistance and financial indemnification in cases of loss due to robbery and assault.

Max is a travel insurance expert at Globelink International specialising in preparing niche articles about the importance of travel insurance and ways of travelling safe. Globelink Travel Insurance is an independent insurance agency offering decent travel insurance for travellers & holidaymakers living in the UK & EU countries up to age of 89.

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