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Midge and Tick Season is Upon us!

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With the midge and tick season upon us, it is essential to ensure you stay protected, particularly if you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, golfing or gardening. Recent independent research has proven that the spread of midges and ticks has increased dramatically in the last few years, with most of the UK at risk to some degree. 

Do not fear!  Here at Pyramid Travel Products we manufacture a range of midge and tick products, specifically designed to help you stay protected from the beasties and make the most of the outdoors!  

Our stand out product in this area is Trek Midge and Tick repellent.  Described by Scottish Mountaineer magazine as ‘The best midge repellent you can buy’ and manufactured in the Scottish Borders (we know a thing or two about midges and ticks in this part of the world), Trek Midge and Tick contains 20% micro-encapsulated Saltidin, providing proven protection against midges and ticks.  Added plant extracts act as a moisturiser and Pyramid’s micro encapsulation technology ensures protection for up to 12 hours from one application.

Midge Repellent Trek Midge And Tick Scottish Outdoors

Brand new and exclusive to Pyramid Travel Products, is the Lyme Disease Test Kit. Suitable for use on humans and animals, our Lyme Disease Test Kit tests ticks for the presence of the Borellia bacteria associated with Lyme Disease.  Results are provided within a maximum of four working days from receipt of the tick as an independent laboratory report, which can be shown to a medical or veterinary practitioner. We created the video below to provide further information on Lyme Disease and how our Test Kit can be invaluable in obtaining rapid treatment: 

We also offer midge clothing including our midge jacket, midge head net and midge hat. Covering up as much of your skin as possible is essential in midge protection; our Midge Jacket also includes a head and face shield, providing the ultimate midge protection for your upper body. Meanwhile our Pop-Up Hat and Head Nets are made of high quality mesh that has 600 holes per square inch, helping you remain bite-free.

The infographic below provides further information on how you can stay protected from midges this year:

 Midge Infographic Lo Res 11.08.16-01

Part of the Scotmas Group, a world leader in hygiene protection and water treatment, Pyramid Travel Products develops and manufactures products that protect against the many insect and water-borne diseases that can be encountered by travellers around the world. 

We specialise in a variety of insect repellents (both DEET and DEET-free), after-bite sprays and hygiene products (from soaps to water treatment tablets).

Whether exploring the tropics or the Scottish Highlands, we have the right products to keep your travels safe!

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