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What No One Tells You About Island Holidays

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Who doesn’t love the idea of an island getaway? Sitting back and relaxing on the beach of a desert island with nothing but blue skies and crystal clear waters is the stuff of dreams. When you want to get away from it all you just can’t beat an island holiday.

However, island holidays are not quite like jetting down to the local beach. Take a look at the five things no one tells you about island holidays, and you’ll be primed to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!

Jet Lag can still be an Issue

Just because you’re in one of the world’s most beautiful locations, it doesn’t mean that jet lag won’t raise its ugly head for the first couple of days you’re out there. Of course, the further you go, the more jet lag you’ll experience as you cross more time zones. Plus you’ll be a bit achy from sitting in your seat for that bit longer.

Take Bali for instance; it’s a stunning location you’ll never want to leave, but it’s half a world away which will play havoc with your sleep for the first couple of nights. Sleeping as much as you can on the plane is a good start, as is powering through and staying up till bedtime in your new time zone. If you arrive in the afternoon and head straight to bed, then it’s a certainty you’ll be wide awake all through the night!

The Local Culture can be a Little Different to the Mainland

One thing that many people are surprised by is just how different the local culture can be to the mainland. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, if anything, it gives every island break something special, because you’re experiencing a culture and a way of life you won’t find anywhere else.

Madeira is a great example. If you’ve visited Lisbon before and expect to find a carbon copy society but with plenty of sun, sea, and sand, then you might be in for a big surprise. The fishing culture and unique wildlife as compared to the mainland has added something unique that is there to be truly savored. There has also been a relatively recent infusion of Brazilian culture, which gives the islands a touch of things South American.

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They have their own Weather Systems, and it’s Amazing

Because islands are nestled out there in the ocean, they are subject to unique weather systems. Don’t let this scare you, we’re not talking about huge waves washing over everything, more like endless sun all year ‘round.

At least that’s the case if you opt for the Canaries as they nestle in the sea off the coast of Africa. A unique combination of pressure systems, currents, and location means they attract warm weather all year ‘round, which makes them a great option for an out of season holiday. You won’t be confined to holidaying in August when everyone else is, which means there should be a lot more peace and quiet if that’s why you want to get away in the sun. This also means it’s a great way of breaking up early spring or late autumn when the weather at home can leave you feeling a little blue! Take a little bit of time to research what weather you can expect on your island, not on the nearby mainland, and you’ll know exactly how much sunscreen to pack!

If you’re Visiting a Group of Islands, Each one has its Own Character

Just as the island and the mainland are never the same, no two islands are ever quite the same either. This means that when you visit an island chain or archipelago, you’ll have plenty of choice depending on what you want to see and do.

The Greek islands of Corfu and Rhodes are great examples. Whilst both offer seemingly never ending sun and a delightfully warm sea, the activities and cultural experiences they have to offer are a little different. Both are steeped in history, but Rhodes offers a little more if you really want to experience the history of the area. Corfu has plenty to offer in that regard too, but it may be more your thing if you want to just sit back and get away from it all by the pool. Do a little research and you’ll be able to pick your perfect island in no time.

If you Want a Discount, They can be More Seasonal than the Mainland

The last thing to say is that some islands can be a little more seasonal than the mainland. The Channel Islands are a good example of this. Not blessed with quite the same sunny climates as a few of the others we’ve mentioned, they are more likely to offer a large discount for going out of season. If you’re happy to go and aren’t necessarily a sun seeker, then these types of holidays are always worth a second look.

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