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Making Your Travel More Sustainable

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Travel is an ever-growing passion held by millions of people globally, exploring and understanding different people, cultures and lifestyles whilst visiting breath-taking corners of the world. You can see why it’s hard not to fall into the addiction of the compulsive traveller…

However, amongst the excitement of travel, we often don’t realise that we always leave traces behind us in the places we visit.

You can choose to use environmentally conscious hotels, hostels or resorts and use public transport where possible, however many don’t take into consideration the impact their travel products can have. We’ve gathered our most sustainable products to help you travel more responsibly:




With the recent increase in negative publicity surrounding the devastating impact the use of plastic has on our planet, SafeHydrate is a great place to start. As you’ll see from the video below, a single use plastic water bottle can take around 450 years to disappear: 


SafeHydrate is our filtered water bottle which allows you to fill up from rivers, streams and lakes. Alongside this you could use SafeHydrate to filter tap water when on your travels instead of buying bottled water. With SafeHydrate offering 580 refills/380 litres of fresh filtered water, it can be used across many trips making it an appropriate Christmas gift for any frequent travellers this year... 

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Trek Natural

Trek Natural is the best natural insect repellent on the market and is made using Citriodiol, the oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. This ingredient is naturally and sustainably sourced and allows for long lasting protection from mosquito bites.

How is Citriodiol sustainably sourced? This essential oil is sustainably harvested from the leaves and twigs of the eucalyptus citriodora tree by a simple process of steam distillation. Steam distillation removes the need to harvest the entire tree, meaning the coppiced trees continue to grow, thus becoming self-sustaining and using more carbon dioxide whilst producing more oxygen for the benefit of the greater environment.

As an added benefit, the ingredients used to make Trek Natural are suitable for use on children aged 6months+ meaning Trek Natural is a great repellent for all the family!

Zanzibar Trek Natural

Travel Soap

Travel Soap is part of our Hysan range and is 100% biodegradable. To add to this the versatility of Travel Soap means you can use it to wash your hands, body, hair, clothes and even the dishes! This versatility not only makes the soap more convenient for travellers but also reduces the number of bottles used and energy put into recycling them. By popular demand we are also launching a larger version of Travel Soap in the new year!  

Soap USA

To add to these sustainable products, all of our bottles are recyclable. We are committed to keeping you and the environment safe for your adventures.

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