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Trek Sensitive – The Ultimate DEET-Free Protection

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Are you looking for a DEET-Free repellent that is proven to work for your next adventure?

Look no further than Trek Sensitive. Trek Sensitive is proven to be as effective as 50% DEET and provides up to 12 hours protection from one application.

Suitable for children aged 2+ and pregnant women, it is great for users with sensitive skin or those who simply prefer not to use a DEET based repellent.

Micro encapsulation technology ensures that the active ingredient within the repellent is encased within a shell and released gradually throughout the day. The use of micro encapsulation technology also provides increased perspiration and splash resistance, great for those who enjoy keeping active on holiday!  


Don’t just take our word for it, see just a small selection of reviews from this summer below:

"This is a great product. I bought it for a holiday in Bangkok. Last year 2017, I was covered in mosquito bites after 1 day. I got this before I went so I could get it on as soon as I got there. I used it on my head (shaved) and neck as it's the sensitive skin formula. I usually get bitten on the legs, but did get bit in the ear once so do my head also (not the face). I didn't get bit once. After 2 weeks the Ultra formula I was using on my arms and legs ran out so I used the Sensitive for the lot. Still no bites. Just as effective as Ultra but easier applied and pleasant smelling, not a strong smell but pleasant. Just spray a few pumps into the palm of your hand for each limb and rub in. It's not greasy and absorbs quickly. I lent it to my brother for his holiday and he only got bit the day he forgot to apply it. Next time I'll only buy the Sensitive."

"My husband has an allergy to DEET as I bought this as a trial I found I did not get any bites in Africa or jamaica now off to Malaysia"

"It seems to work well and it has a pleasant smell. It's much easier to get yourself to put bug repellent on if it doesn't make you feel like you're poisoning yourself (although DEET isn't supposed to be harmful). Worked great for a trip to Costa Rica"

"Effective and did keep most mosquitoes away. The smell is great and not strong; it's quite a nice smell. Ordering again for my trip this summer."

"Great product. I am the only one in my group who didn’t get a single mosquito bite. I applied this product once in the morning, once in the evening. Far less irritating than DEET."


We even had this great video submitted to us by Topside Survival

If you would like to use Trek Sensitive on your next adventure you can buy a 60ml or 100ml bottle here

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