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Why SafeHydrate?

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Undertake a quick search for ‘filtered water bottle’ on Google and you’ll find plenty of attractive looking bottles for what look like remarkably cheap prices. Against this background, why bother spending more for SafeHydrate I hear you ask?

The majority of the cheaper filtered water bottles on the market use traditional carbon filters. These filters lose up to 70% of their area to the adhesives which hold the filter together and the pore sizes are too big to stop bacteria, meaning the filters will remove sediment and some other materials but only really enhance the taste of the water.  More serious contaminants, the sort that can have potentially serious health implications, will pass through the filter and be drunk. By contrast, SafeHydrate uses Electro-Positive Absorption technology, where charged micro-glass fibres “pull” organisms as small as bacteria out of the water stream, whilst still maintaining high flow rates and low pressure drops.


The technology removes:

  • Bacteria
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Giardia
  • Chlorine
  • Chemicals
  • Taste and odour

The technology has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories and proven to consistently remove protozoan cysts and bacteria to ANSI/NSF 53 and US EPA standards. The addition of sub-micron carbon particles into the filter media increases the absorptive capability required to reduce chlorine and harmful chemicals, bad tastes and odours to ANSI/NSF 42 standards. Miraguard Antimicrobial technology is also used to suppress the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mould and mildew within the filter media.

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Although SafeHydrate removes 99.9% of cysts and bacteria, it cannot remove salt as the salt is chemically bonded to the water molecules. If you need a bottle that you can fill from streams and rivers, and not worry about unseen contamination of the water, SafeHydrate is the option for you.

Alongside the poor filter quality of cheaper filtered bottles, the filter lifetime is also substantially shorter. Most filtered water bottles at around the £20 price point won’t filter more than 150L, whereas SafeHydrate Filters 380L and simply stops working when its life has expired, ensuring you never drink untreated water through the system. Aside from the longer filter life being more convenient, this also brings the benefit of being more environmentally friendly through reduced reliance on new parts.

SafeHydrate also comes with the convenience of not having to put the filter through an activation process, unlike many other filtered bottles. Simply take the bottle to the water source of your choice (excluding salt water), fill it up, screw the cap back on and drink through the valve. The rugged lid ensures the mouthpiece of the bottle is protected from contamination.

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Safe, Fresh, Filtered Water on the move, wherever you are in the world!

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