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How to Use Biox Aqua

How Does Biox Aqua Water Treatment Work?

Biox Aqua tablets and drops contain a powerful Chlorine Dioxide biocide, providing the safest and most effective water treatment available. They kill a wide range of bacteria, viruses and cysts in the water and do not leave any bad tastes or colours behind.

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How to Treat River Water Guide

Using Biox Aqua

Watch the Biox Aqua video for guidance.

Biox Aqua Tablets

Easy to use, add the tablets to your water bottle before shaking. Watch the video to learn more.

The tablets are easy to carry for travel and one pack treats 30 litres of water.

Biox Aqua Drops

Mix together 12 drops into a bottle cap. Leave mixture to react and turn yellow. Add to 1 litre of water, shake and stand for 10 minutes before drinking.

One pack of drops can treat up to 60 litres of water.

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How to Use Biox Aqua Water Treatment