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How to Use Hysan

Hysan offers super-fast protection from 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds. The easy to carry travel-sized bottles are ideal for adventurers and explorers to take in their rucksack.

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Hysan Surface Spray

Spray liberally on surfaces and wait 30 seconds. That’s it! A simple to use spray that protects you and your fellow travellers from nasty bugs.
It is a good idea to use Hysan on food preparation surfaces before use. Spray on any surface including bathroom appliances and WCs.

Hysan Hand Gel

Squeeze the gel into hands and rub together. Use as often as needed. It does not contain alcohol meaning it is gentler for children’s hands.

Also don’t forget….. 

Travel Soap

You think a bar of soap will do for your trip? Once you have experienced the versatility of the Pyramid liquid Travel Soap, you won’t think so. A multi-purpose soap it can wash everything from your body, to the dishes. All you need is salty or fresh water.

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Hysan Travel Hygiene Range - Kills Germs in 30 Seconds