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Using the Midge Clothing Range

Watch the video on the right and find guidance on using our midge protection clothing range. If you plan on spending time in a midge prone area these products are vital to stop you being attacked.

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What Is Midge Clothing Made From?

Every midge net from Pyramid is made using ultra-fine 100% polyester fabric with 600 holes per square inch. This very fine mesh stops tiny insects from flying or crawling inside your clothing. The midge protection range is designed in Scotland and rigorously tested against the Scottish midge!

Midge Head Net

For complete face and head protection this Midge Net is ideal. Light to pack, it comes in its own carry bag for travelling. Use on its own or with a hat. Adjust to fit around your neck with the drawstring and toggle.

Pop Up Hat & Head Net

A 2-in-1 product that can save on packing space and prevent bites. The Hat and Head Net is easy to wear, simply take it out of the bag and it pops up. Adjust with the drawstring and toggle to give a perfect fit. It folds away easily into its carry bag when not in use.

Midge Jacket

Wear the midge jacket over your own clothing. Made from a super fine mesh it gives full protection from the waist up. The integrated hood and face shield protect your face and head. The face shield can be easily removed and kept in the zip pocket. With elasticated wrists, drawstrings and toggles, a close fit can be achieved to keep the beasties away.

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