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Midge Protection Guide

A Deterrant Against the Wee Beasties! 

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Midges can plague your holiday if you don’t take sufficient protection. Pyramid are based in the Scottish Borders and we have first-hand experience of what works to deter the wee blighters.

General Advice for Midge Avoidance

Midges are particularly prevalent in rural areas of Scotland, Scandinavia and Canada. Dark wooded forests are midge havens, so are best avoided. Try to keep away from sheltered areas and instead venture into open country. Avoid going near stagnant areas of water which act as breeding grounds for midges.

At dusk and dawn stay inside if possible and close windows and doors. Midges also become less common above 700m so campsites on higher ground are ideal. 

What to Wear to Avoid Midge Bites?

  • Choose light coloured clothing as midges are attracted to dark cloth
  • Wear long sleeved clothing to reduce the amount of exposed skin
  • Use a Saltidin® midge repellent for powerful non-greasy protection from midge bites
  • A Midge Net is ideal for those who are exposed to midges for prolonged periods of time, protecting your neck and face from swarms of insects
  • If you need the best protection from midges choose a midge jacket, which gives full protection from the waist up

Our engaging Midge Infographic gives you all the fun facts about the Highland midges and gives tips on midge bite avoidance! 

Midge Infographic How To Guide

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