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Trek Midge Repellent

Introducing Trek Midge Repellent 

formerly Repel Midge

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What Is It?

A spray repellent specially designed to give immediate protection against midges. It uses Saltidin®, a well know repellent ingredient, to throw midges off your scent! Midge Repellent Trek Midge And Tick 120Ml

  • Powerful, long-lasting protection - apply once, lasts all day!
  • Scientifically proven to repel midges, ticks and horseflies
  • Sweat & splash resistant
  • Suitable for use on children age 2+, pregnant women and sensitive skin
  • Pleasant smell
  • Non-greasy or sticky

How Effective Is It?

Trek Midge & Tick contains 20% Saltidin®, a highly effective repellent recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is a broad spectrum repellent, which is suitable for use on sensitive skin. Trek Midge & Tick is proven to be effective for up to 12 hours from one application. 

This unique midge repellent is made using advanced time-release technology, where the repellent is released slowly during the period of wear, meaning you can apply once and get all day protection.

How to Use Trek Midge Repellent:

Spray evenly onto any exposed areas of skin. Avoid spraying onto sunburnt, sensitive or damaged skin and eyes and mouth. Where possible choose long sleeved shirts and long trousers to reduce exposed skin and the amount you need to apply. 

One lasting thought….
In just one hour researchers have estimated that up to 40,000 midges can land on an unprotected person. If you don’t fancy being breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is best to get a midge repellent and some midge protective clothing.

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