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Choosing a Mosquito Net

Pyramid mosquito nets fall into one of six designs – Box, Bell, Wedge, Compact, Pop-Up Dome, and Mosinet. Each net has its own unique shape and style. The larger the net, the heavier it will be to carry, so the larger styles – Box and Bell - are more suited to permanent and semi-permanent accommodation. If you are travelling from one place to the next or backpacking, take a smaller, lightweight travel mosquito net such as the Pop-Up Dome or Compact.

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Hanging Nets 

Wedge: Wedge Double Mosquito Net WhiteA favourite with travellers looking for a lightweight and multi-purpose net. It can be used above beds in hostels or hotels, inside your tent or outdoors.

It is easy to erect with three support points. Most suited to temporary overnight accommodation, its reduced volume means it can be hotter than larger nets, such as the Bell or Box. The Wedge net is available in green or white, and double or single sizes.

Box: Box Double Mosquito Net WhiteThis rectangular mosquito bed net is very spacious with the largest enclosed volume of any net style. This allows for greater air circulation and a cooler sleeping space. It is the heaviest net due to the large amount of fabric and requires multiple fixing points. The comfortable and large design makes it ideal for indoor use at base camps, semi-permanent and permanent accommodation. It is available in single or double sizes.

This spacious net includes plenty of room for two people and can be hung from a single hanging point. This is the second largest net and only has slightly less volume than theBell Double Mosquito Net White
Box net. The spreader system pops open creating a roomy canopy and it is easier to erect than the Box net. Ideal for use indoors, in permanent and temporary accommodation.

The Baby Bell cot mosquito net is a mini-version of the Bell. Suitable for use over cots and play pens, ensuring your baby or toddler is fully protected from biting insects. It has the same spreader system as the larger version that pops up to create a comfortable and airy canopy. This baby mosquito net is not impregnated due to the increased risk of ingestion.

Compact: Compact Single Mosquito Net WhiteA triangular shaped travel mosquito net which is the most lightweight design in the range. With only one fixing point it is easy to hang over beds or tents. Perfect for first time travellers and backpackers. Available in green and white and double and single sizes.



Self Supporting Nets – No Fixing or Hanging Required

Choose these mosquito nets for fast protection when you need it most. They spring open providing a protective canopyBestseller Mosinet Double Mosquito Net White in no time at all.

Mosinet: Suitable for use over a bed, the pop up frame creates a spacious dome shaped canopy. A durable net it has strong struts which can be adjusted at the corners of the bed. The zipper on the side of the net provides easy entry and it is ideal for use in hotels and hostels. Available as a double mosquito net and a single size.

Pop-Up Dome: The smallest net, the Pop-Up Dome is extremely versatile, pops open for immediate use and is simple to pack away. Offering a completely self-contained dome canopy, it can be used on beds or on the ground,Pop Up Mosquito Net Green indoors or out. When used outdoors the net sides can be pegged down. This is the net to pack when versatility and a low weight are essential. Single size available in white or green.


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