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Mosquito Net Impregnation

Zi Technology

Pyramid Mosquito Nets are treated with our unique Zi Technology; a combination of two biocides, Permethrin and PBO (otherwise known as Piperonyl butoxide) in order to effectively kill mosquitoes. The two biocides are also combined with a unique binding substance.

Zi Technology

The net treatment kills insects on contact and lasts for up to 2 years or 35 washes. The treatment is water resistant and long lasting for your protection. Also don't forget to try Pyramid's Net Treatment Liquid to extend the life of your net even further. 

At Pyramid, we always aim to use the minimum amount of chemical, for the maximum protection possible. Therefore, we use advanced encapsulation technology and unique fabric binders for our net treatment: 

Encapsulation Technology

The only mosquito net from our range that is not treated is the baby mosquito net or Cot Bell Net, due to the increased risk of ingestion by young children.

Permethrin insecticide treatment is recommended by The World Health Organisation and deters insects from biting through the netting. It has been used for decades and has an excellent safety record. 

Revive Your Net

Permethrin Mosquito Net Treatment

To extend the life of your net further use our Net Treatment Liquid, which re-impregnates nets for 6 months or 4 washes. This means your net can keep providing the best protection for many years to come.

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