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How to Use Premium Mosquito Nets

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Pyramid have the best mosquito nets on the market to ensure you always get a good night’s sleep. This guide covers the Premium Mosquito Net features and how to hang them.  

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Premium Hanging Nets

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  • The best quality, super-fine mesh netting

  • 300 holes per square inch, nearly double the amount recommended by The World Health Organisation

  • Impregnated with Zi Technology net treatment

  • Double stitching

  • Deep net skirt to tuck under your mattress or sleeping bag

  • Full hanging kit to suit all situations

  • Durable, showerproof carry bag for travel

Hanging Your Net:

To hang the Premium mosquito nets simply attach to a suitable ceiling, wall, tent or tree, using the hanging kit provided. Extra cord is supplied to make sure wherever you stay you can always hang your mosquito net properly.

The hanging kit supplied depends on the net but generally includes hanging cord, sticky pads, metal hooks, and an instruction leaflet.

Every effort is taken to ensure that the information published on this website is accurate and informative. It is not intended to replace a consultation with an appropriately qualified medical practitioner. 

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Premium Hanging Mosquito Nets